• Kiko (Linaro)
  • Loïc (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Vijay Pasam (TI)
  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Paul Kline (Freescale)


  • David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Paul McKenney (IBM)



Guest Participants

  • Ilias Biris (Linaro OPSCOM)


  • Action review
  • OPSCOM update


  • Suffered through PIN for call setup; finally obtained but need a reliable place to store it
  • Action review:
    • DONE: GCC -O3 article for LWN being worked on by Michael Hope
    • DONE: TSC Validation call
    • DONE: Aditya to receive big.LITTLE test plan (published online already)
    • Discussed: Test sharing with Landing Teams
      • Roger made one offer; as part of the validation phase could we test on older (non-V7A) hardware
      • Having the hardware for testing would be fine, doing development would not be possible though
      • Propose a card for roadmap
    • DONE: RPMSG discussion
      • No Samsung requirement
      • No Freescale requirement
    • Discussed: Browser Benchmarking
      • Have contacted Jesse; GWG isn't working on whole-browser benchmarking
      • Aditya points out that page load and scrolling benchmarks are the market standard
      • ACTION: Should hand off to Platform; Kiko to send off
    • DONE: Loïc to ask Deepak to create Device Tree bindings card; DONE (though not yet on s.l.o)
    • TODO: Validation and Benchmarking report back to members
    • DONE: 1 on 1 sessions to discuss validation
      • ARM and IBM contacted; still pending feedback from others
  • OPSCOM Review
    • Loïc introduction and slide deck
    • Roger: only tech leads can create cards?
      • Loïc: not exactly, but need to coordinate with TL
      • Loïc: arrow missing in workflow that indicates TL and TSCM can create requirements
    • Roger: how are cards changed?
      • Loïc: tools will manage the cards; prototype should evolve
      • Is covered by the "Change management is handled as a separate process"
      • Roger: would be nice to describe change control process
    • Good discussion on deadlines for cards; Andrea, Paul and Aditya provide balanced input
      • Probably the best way forward is to define which cards we really care about having deadlines and discuss implementation strategy on a case by case basis
  • Roger: Bare-metal tool support on V7A profile
    • What's the TSC interest?
    • Loïc: what is the toolchain for?
      • Roger: bringing up new SoCs, in particular v8

    • No further TSC input; action to indicate interest/no interest for next call
  • Roger: Legacy platforms
    • Kiko notes that upstream maintainers do care about testing for them as well
    • Finding a way to do this is tricky, since we shouldn't really do v5/v6 work





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