• David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Kiko (Linaro)
  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Sree Kumar (Samsung)


  • Sree Kumar (Samsung)
  • Vijay Pasam (TI)
  • Paul McKenney (IBM)


Guest Participants


  • report on where we are with our revised requirements process and also the tooling.
    • Next cycle requirements / engineering planning plans
  • 11.05 cycle - summary plus details on wash- up meetings.
  • Updates
    • activities of the sub architecture maintainer group
    • Memory management work
  • AOB


  • Review of Actions
    • Diagram - what is happened
      • How does work that's happening in Linaro get into products that OEMs are shipping?
        • Via LEB, LT branch
      • Highlight the difference between the working groups and the platform
        • Platform produces stabilized code ready for product
      • Timescales
      • Different routes for the patches
      • Consistency of naming, for example 'Linaro Staging Tree'
      • Clarity of purpose for trees
    • Proposals for Android packs
      • Not clear how the hardware pack for headless was to be used for Android
        • Alexander / Zach still working on it, not sure if hardware packs fit with Android build system
    • Consolidated emails
      • Are the monthly release status a useful step in the right direction?
        • Mostly ambivalent, let's do monthly well and see where we get to
    • Clear statement of the goals of Linaro
      • Linaro management team is working on them, ready in time for the next Linaro members meeting
    • Licensing guidelines - David volunteered
    • Requirements by 18th May
    • Requirements tool
      • Doing a trial now, will create accounts for TSC members to play
      • Hopefully by the end of the call
    • DTB (Device Tree Binary) for uboot - not covered
    • Sizing of device tree - ongoing documention etc from Grant, plus discussion in kernel WG etc
    • Licensing
      • Do we need a contribution agreement into Linaro that allows Linaro to contribute patches?
        • Code generated by non-assigned member engineers
        • Roger has an example where he wishes to donate code to Linaro that allows Linaro to use it as part of a consolidated device driver
        • AOSP is a problem, because of the contribution agreement
        • Yes, this is a problem
    • Time changes and dial ins
      • How is the line?
        • Skype is much better
        • As good as the previous one
      • TSC call time.
        • Why is this call at 12.30 UTC? Was at 2.30 UTC.
        • Move the call back to 2.30 UTC? Two hours later than now.
          • OK, will do this.
  • Requirements process
    • Two finalists were BrightGreen and IceScrum

    • Would use this tool for requirements tracking
      • TSC requirements get entered, given a number
      • Generate a backlog of requirements
        • Make a decision on what set we would tackle in the next month
        • Monthly call with each working group
          • Experts empowered to do A instead of B
      • Difficult to generate a roadmap view
        • Will work on roadmaps for each group
          • Every 6 months do a roadmap review
      • Consider as we reach the end of each month, what requirements didn't make it, so sweep them up from the previous month
        • More likely not finished, should we roll them over or stop
      • Timeline
        • Change this process officially at the end of this cycle
        • Start running the stakeholder meetings earlier on
        • Suggestion - should we pilot this on a team?
          • Yes - the toolchain group
  • 11.05
    • Information about what was good, bad, what happened, what didn't etc
    • TSC did not review the last release
    • Needed for input to member meetings etc
      • Newsletter targeted at people with less interaction
    • Kiko has not done a report - ACTION: Joey and Kiko - only where there's value, highlights and lowlights
    • Value of this as part of the roadmaps review
  • Sub-architecture maintained ARM SOC Kernel tree
  • Memory Management
    • Overview
      • Create momentum within the open source communities to solve this problem
        • Linaro acts as a ‘center of gravity’ to leverage work
      • Linaro engineers key elements, focusing on the kernel and device driver parts of the problem
      • Implement full ‘proof of concept’ solutions on a couple of Linaro member platforms#
      • Google Android will take this via a future release of the kernel
    • One concern, skill set mismatch, graphics versus kernel
      • Engineers are not kernel engineers
      • Jesse is good to run this because he understands the graphics use of kernel features, also a good leader
        • Work being done in the other teams, Jesse is coordinating
        • Graphics guys understand how to write display drivers
        • Memory management looking at how this integrates





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