• David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Kiko (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Yves Vandervennet (Freescale)
  • Sree Kumar (Samsung)
  • Paul McKenney (IBM)

  • Vijay Pasam (TI)


Guest Participants

  • Sachin Gupta
  • Kurt Taylor


  • Meeting schedule
    • Next week's meeting is cancelled (moved to 4th May). Will we need it or should I remove the calendar entry?
  • Review Multimedia Technical Topics
  • AOB


  • Full attendance
  • Bangalore - lots of discussion, focus on Android
    • Kiko worked a lot with Sachin and Kurt to work out what we could do to add value
    • Presenting a scenario to the TSC
  • Priorities
    • What is the biggest problem to a vendor trying to integrate multimedia into their product
    • OpenMax used a lot but hard to integrate

    • Fits with the Graphics Memory Management work that Jesse is organising
    • In the kernel itself, Alpha is moving ahead with kernel infrastructure support for multimedia
      • Use case management
      • Should ARM follow this audio feature kernel roadmap
  • These priorities need discussing
    • Smaller, more focussed team
    • would like them to do less things really well
  • Feedback
    • TI / Vijay
      • how much effort do we want to put into OpenMax given its fragmentation?

      • A lot of effort to get to 100% compliance (over and above that needed in a product)
      • Need to be careful
    • Things that the vendor has to implement are not well defined
    • Samsung / Sree - agree with priorities, but what is UCM?
      • a library that extracts found mixer hardware into use cases
      • Maps settings / syncs / sound devices / headphones etc into profiles
      • Basic support exists for Panda and Beagle
      • Control aspect from pulseaudio
      • UCM is it only Ubuntu or is it for Android as well?
        • Android is using alsa, so work to bring the alsa integration with UCM into Android (main piece of MM2.2)
    • ST Ericsson / Andrea - agree with priorities
      • [ACTION] Link with the memory management activities
      • OpenMax mainly related to hardware acceleration, that's why it's complex

      • What is ARM's interest in optimised decoders in gstreamer?
    • Freescale / Yves - question about MM4, what is the Neon optimisation forum
      • Lots of Neon optimization work happening, but not coordinated
      • Mini summit
      • Mailing list
      • Coordination
    • ARM / Roger Teague - who's asking for OpenMax?

      • This is a suggestion from Linaro based on what the hardware integration people are finding hard
      • ARM sees this as low priority
      • ARM not sure about the priority of UCM
      • ARM sees Neon optimisation forum as useful
      • Build on codecs and gstreamer and testing methodology
        • Codecs fit into a forum
          • JPEGS, VP8 and AAC.
            • JPEG - ARM sponsoring work,
            • VP8 worked on by Google,
            • AAC - ffmpeg guys told us that AAC codec quality is useless so no point
      • As TI has stated, not really sure about putting effort into OpenMax

      • ARM would like to put effort into validation and benchmarking frameworks
    • OpenMax is vendor specific

      • Realign the work with memory management
      • Need to do an alignment, suggest removing MM1.2, MM1.3, MM1.4
      • Problem of zero memory copy is not in gstreamer or OpenMax, it's between the processes

        • OpenMax with Android uses PMEM

    • Intend for OpenMax to become the framework for all companies to rally around

      • It's about having a single API that can be used to deliver
      • May imply some API changes
        • OpenMax is not a completely mature standard for people implementing their extensions

        • Some people do not adhere to the OpenMax state machine

        • How does this impact Adobe etc?
          • Pushing changes to Android would not be easy, it will be easier to push to Khronos
          • [ACTION] Andrea to connect the Khronos person to Kurt
    • Suggestion - OpenMax, vote on the reduced OpenMax this being a priority

      • ARM yes, Freescale yes, ST Ericsson yes, Samsung yes, TI yes
        • Get MM1.1 done, scope the work and then move forwards
    • Kiko updated the page to reflect the conversations
    • Going through the TRs
      • MM1.1 - cross vendor review
      • MM1.2 - ideal implementation on a single platform
    • MM4 - call a Neon implementation mini-summit in Cambridge at the platform sprint
      • Set up a mailing list, monthly call, etc
    • System metrics application - does this help address the benchmarking issues?
      • Multimedia benchmarking
      • Complete matrix
      • Instrumented player that captures the video player only, not audio
        • Instrumenting the gstreamer video pipeline
      • Benchmarking audio is not very clear
      • Frame rate, frame drops, cache misses, memory access statistics
      • Could we use audioflinger?
        • Potentially include tuning
    • TI - Reason for VP8 multithreading is a priority?
      • ffmpeg, vp8, multithreading. Have a request from ST Ericsson who have already done this for Google vp8 decoder, we're trying to upstream that.
      • concern about high, medium and low in MM3
      • Should be at the same priority as jPEG?
        • Yes, should both be high
      • Prefer to see MM3.3 as high
        • ACTION: bump to medium, and monitor
      • Google also doing this activity?
        • Google have done vp8 multithreading, two kinds of multithreading, inter-frame, intra-frame, we're targeting inter-frame
        • [ACTION]: coordinate with Google vp8 activities.
    • Freescale
      • What do we do if Google is not open to our collaboration?
      • Would ask the TSC, the answer would depend on how close we are etc (engineering reasons)
  • What are we not doing?
  • AOB
    • Big fan of, a number of items are being postponed, 112, tracking looks
      • How do the postponed items fit into this cycle?
        • Have asked the technical leads to postpone non-critical things
        • Each postponed item is being described
          • Upstream release, upstream
        • Drop them altogether or add them into the next cycle
        • All at the level of work items
      • Example is pulseaudio - instrument playback improvements for large buffer sizes
      • URLs for blueprints seem to be wrong
    • Do we drop next week's meeting
      • No, remove it
  • ALL
    • Thank you very much Sachin for a great job and good luck in the future.







Link multimedia with the memory management activities

Kurt / Kiko


Bump MM3.3 to medium, and monitor

Kurt / Kiko


Andrea to connect the Khronos person to Kurt



Coordinate with Google vp8 activities


Next Meeting

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