• work on a stack rather than on a lot of codecs.
    • Stacks are gstreamer and Android's stack Stagefright.
  • Demo GP/GPU demo doing media decode, OpenCL compliant APIs, for example Mali 604


  • Optimization of VP8 Decode
    • STE has optimised VP8 for SMP
    • 1.75x speed up at 2xCA9 600MHz, willing to donate
  • Optimization of AAC/eAAC/AAC+ Encode
  • Optimization of commonly used Audio/speech codecs using NEON.
  • Optimization of 2D blitting operations
  • Javascript optimizations for improved web browsing experience.
  • Parser for codec integration.
    • No good quality parser available in open source (AVI and MP4).
  • JPEG
    • Neon acceleration (build on good work being done by Mans)
  • Further work and optimization on Codecs and Gstreamer
    • Host reference libraries/tree with optimizations for libjpeg and libjpeg-turbo
  • Integrate existing optimizations and contributions
    • Review and follow-up from 11.05 work
  • Track and benchmark performance
    • Methodology / test cases
  • Gstreamer
    • [HI] Zero copy, Pass pointers only
    • [MED] GST buffer Meta data
    • [MED] Buffer with multiple data segments. Segments means several separated parts of data which are related. By implementing this, buffer operations will be more flexible and memory copy can be avoided
    • [INV] General GStreamer video renderer interface
      • Multi track selection
      • Use cases
      • 3D TV, camerabin, etc/

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