• Move to a unified buffer / memory management scheme (choice of TTM, JEM, UMP)
    • Will take several steps
    • Close work with upstream
    • Interactions with kernel - drive the kernel work from this team?
  • Suggest merge of multimedia team (to create 'Graphics and Multimedia')
  • Benchmarking / tools to help tune solutions
  • Continue OpenGL ES2.x, but focus on Android and Wayland


  • Compiz acceleration with OpenGL ES2.x(continuation of 11.05 cycle)
  • Tools for profiling for Open GL ES functions?.
  • Actively support upstream consolidation of unified memory framework for ARM platforms
    • Linaro Graphics WG (Jesse Barker) proposed using an existing upstream framework like TTM as baseline system memory manager, and to gather requirements from all members to use in 11.11 cycle to enable consolidation of one upstream implementation
    • ARM graphics division will document and contribute requirements for system memory manager which are in-line with ARM’s UMP system memory manager to this activity
    • Work with partners to contribute to this process to support unified framework upstream
    • UMP /UMPv2 Upstream activities.
    • See ../EfficientBufferManagement

  • Graphics Benchmarking
    • Define graphics tests and benchmarks methodology to check that HW pack builds do not hamper graphics performance
    • Addressing low GFX performance of partner’s platform is made more efficient if HW pack GFX performance is understood
      • Mali driver stubbed out is one-way of achieving this
      • ARM can provide guidelines on how this can be achieved
    • This is work that respective Linaro Landing Teams can undertake on individual platforms
  • Mali – kernel driver for Mali graphics processor.

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