• David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Sree Kumar (Samsung)
  • Gokul Subramaniam (TI)
  • Yves Vandervennet (Freescale)


Guest Participants


  • Review legal requests
  • Face to face meeting in Dallas
  • Errata proposal
  • AOB
    • Summary slides for the 11.05 - ACTION: Linaro to provide


  • We skipped the legal requests as Paul did not dial in (there was one between this meeting and the last)
  • We discussed the face to face meeting in Dallas. Members will send email comments, suggestions etc
  • We discussed the errata proposal. General agreement all round, members will email their agreement / disagreement. I agreed to tweak the description to be explicit about the role of the members versus Linaro
  • TI raised the action that Linaro was due to provide engineering summary slides for the 11.05 cycle. I agreed to nag.







Amit K. to outline this hardware platform support strategy more formally




Proposal from Linaro to deprecate soft-float in 2012 if hard-float port completed; Roger to verify with ARM internal




Proposal for Linaro wiki hosting errata information

Dave and Kiko

Done, see below


Create a patch flow diagram


  • 1: Is a wiki page describing prerequisites for power management primitives sufficient?

Next Meeting

  • Dallas Face to Face, January 11th/12th 2011

Errata Proposal

Roger Teague proposed to the TSC that Linaro act as a host for consolidated ARM system errata. This was generally agreed to be a useful idea. This page outlines some ideas. I've broken them into two phases. I strongly suggest that we implement phase 1 and wait and see on phase 2.

Base Rules

  • All information posted is public and open
  • This activity is separate from the TSC and from Linaro engineering
  • The members own the collation and publishing of this information

Phase 1

The first phase is simply to provide a controlled way of publishing errata to the Linaro web / wiki site.

  • Each Linaro member that wishes to participate in this would assign a representative.
  • The representatives would form the Errata Committee
    • One of the errata committee would act as chair of this committee
    • Meetings would be on an ad hoc basis
  • Part of the Linaro Wiki / main web site would be owned by the Errata committee
    • write access to this area of the web site / wiki would be restricted to the errata committee
  • Proposals for new errata entries (and edits to old entries) would be circulated by email to the errata committee
    • Agreement needs to be unanimous for the entries (or edits) to be applied to the web site

Phase 2

The next phase would be to link it with the work that Linaro and others have been doing. In this case, the errata would be annotated with a reference to the open source software 'release' that works around errata. This is much more of a problem, as tracking this is not easy. If it were to be tracked, I would propose that the following information is needed for each errata:

  • Codebases affected, for each codebase
    • Patches relating to the fix (pointers into the patch archives)
    • Which upstream stable release contains these fixes
    • Which Linaro consolidation trees / stable releases contain these fixes.

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