• Stephen Doel (Linaro)
  • David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Kiko (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Paul McKenney (IBM)

  • Gokul Subramaniam (TI)
  • Sree Kumar (Samsung)
  • Yves Vandervenne (Freescale)

Missing this week:

  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson) - on leave

Guest Participants

  • Loic Minier (Linaro, Kernel Consolidation WG)
  • Amit Kucheria (Linaro, Power Management WG)


Next Meeting

  • 1st September 2010







Provide a detailed list of the 10.11 deliverables against the 10.11 requirements set (see below for detail)


Review of the 11.5 Kernel Working Group Requirements

It became clear at the start of this discussion that the lack of information regarding what work has been done towards the requirements of this cycle was hampering the discussion. Some pointers were raised:

  • Some source trees have been consolidated (based around iMX51, OMAP 3 and ARM RealView hardware)

    • Testing was via these platforms plus QEMU
  • The team have been focussing on Flattened Device Tree (FDT) and clock API
  • x86 security features have been implemented for ARM. A request was made for a pointer to a write up describing this work. It was noted that this work was not in the original set of requirements.
  • The kernel consolidation team are proposing to review BSPs as a way of determining common kernel work that might happen in the next cycle
    • Some discussion as to whether this is the job of the WG or of the landing teams
    • What is the rationale and output of the review? Where will the resulting work be carried out?
  • The uboot consolidation work is incomplete and will carry over into the next release (10.11 requirement C6)

The TSC felt that it could not continue without a detailed list of 10.11 deliverables against the 10.11 requirements set and so the meeting was brought to a close (skipping the review of the Power Management WG). In particular, the TSC needs to see:

  • What of the 10.11 requirements were delivered
  • What have been postponed
  • If delivered where were they delivered (upstream versus staging tree versus test head)
  • What work is ongoing, will continue into 11.5
  • What extra work was done that wasn't in the requirements

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