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  • UK 44 1452 567 588
  • United States 18666161738
  • France 0805110471
  • Sweden 0200887528
  • Brazil 08008912092

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  1. Round table introductions (All)
  2. TSC Overview: Organisation, Responsibilities, Reporting, Meeting Frequency & roles (Stephen Doel)

  3. IP Issues: see list below (Kiko Reis)
  4. Tech Reqts Spec & Blueprints Update (David Rusling)

  5. Linaro Advisor Role (David Rusling)
  6. Hardware and Approved Technologies (Kiko Reis)
  7. Next Member Discussions: Tech Liaison Engineer choice, engineering visits, assignment updates, wiki pages (Kiko Reis)
  8. Next meeting and next face-to-face meeting (Stephen Doel)

IP Issues

  • vostok: archive, test suite and build management
    • GPLv2 (dependencies on python-apt, python-rpm, bzr, git, dulwich)
  • IP policy & Apache/BSD/MIT dependencies (for non-shipping infrastructure)

    • Django
    • PostgreSQL
    • windmill
    • twisted
    • YUI3
  • FSF contributions:
    • (LoicMinier) things might end up in the Linaro tree with a Linaro copyright (per the CodeSourcery contract or because it's developed by people seconded full time to Linaro); I would like the TSC to allow Linaro to assign copyright of contributed patches to the FSF so that we can upstream these changes

    • (LoicMinier) random people might contribute patches without a FSF copyright assignment, either to Linaro or via the CodeSourcery source trees; in the interest of getting the highest quality tree and of limiting the delta with the CodeSourcery tree, I'd like to ask the TSC for allowance to carry patches in our Linaro tree which are not upstreamable to the FSF due to copyright assignment issues; asking for a copyright assignment to the FSF from contributors remains the preferred path

Next Meeting


  • Started out 5 minutes past the hour
  • Introductions from each participant as it's the first-time TSC call for most, completed.
  • Stephen Doel: TSC responsibility highlights
    • Expected to be for technical reviews and advice
    • Licensing, user profiles, club director
    • Bi-weekly calls going forward
    • Face-to-face meeting proposed for July
    • Question around whether having other Linaro signed-off listeners in to the TSC calls
      • Paul M.: probably better to keep it smaller in the beginning, and open it up going forward
      • Jeff N.: agrees, questioned whether this is specific to the TSC or if this would apply to working groups
      • Kiko: reiterated working groups are separate; completely open and anyone from members are welcome to participate
    • Roger T. requests defining face-to-face meeting date ASAP
      • Information at Events/2010-07-PlatformSprint and Events/Internal/2010-07-PlatformSprint

      • Gokul S. requests whether this replaces the originally suggested dates of w/o July 12th, Stephen confirms it
        • Stephen goes over what would be the content of the July 12th management meeting (which is separate from the TSC)
      • David R. proposed Wednesday 21th as a date
      • Gokul S. may have an issue, 22nd would be easier, Stephen D. confirms 22nd unless otherwise organized
  • Kiko: IP question for GPLv2 or later for vostok
    • Paul M. in general GPLv2 should be okay, GPLv2 or later is IBM's default
    • Kiko reiterated this is for non-device-shipping infrastructure
    • Roger T. requests share a formal license approval request a week before TSC call, with background and explanation and EVP/CTO commentary
    • ACTION: (kiko) document license approval process
    • ACTION: (kiko) set up mailing list for to coordinate across TSC members and receive these requests, Andrea G./Paul M. request easy filtering

  • Kiko: IP question around blanket policy
  • Kiko: FSF assignment of patches, in particular for toolchain given FSF policy of copyright assignment
    • Paul M. agreed on the principle of assignment in general, some IBMers have assignment agreements in place, would be nice to have others there
    • ACTION: (david rusling) to contact FSF to establish framework for contributions from Linaro
  • David R. presentation on Technical Requirements versus blueprints in place
    • Filling the gaps: establishing working group processes and output
    • Paul M. points out that the approach should be move rather than wait
    • Higher-level coordination is missing, kiko actioned with moving this forward
  • David R. presentation on Downstream Distributions and point of contact for distributions
    • Jeff N. asks about distribution logistics
    • David R. reiterates work targeted upstream; need to define how distribution take output
    • Gokul S. points that distributions will take, SoC BSPs, with a view for Linaro to offer merged trees; for tools it's unclear how we'll have them consume
    • Andrea G. asks about how tools and work happening within Linaro is consumed within Ubuntu versus other distributions
      • It's generally designed that working group output
    • David asks what downstreams they'd like to see us focus within
      • Roger T. suggests Android as #1 target
      • Jeff N. concurred
      • Paul M. agrees, but cautioned that Android may be hard to catch and a wider net is useful
      • David's outlines proposal for a Linaro advisor member position
        • Open discussion around this and the relevant consequences
        • Paul M. suggests that interaction with Google OEMs (like HTC) would be useful
        • Jeff N. points out that this has been tried and not succeeded up to now
      • Gokul S. points out that besides Android, we need to keep MeeGo and Chrome as targets of focus as well

      • David R. reiterates conclusions and priorites above, Stephen D. asks about difficulty of engaging in advisory position
  • 15 minutes overtime warning (Kiko, Stephen)
  • Kiko: ApprovedTechnologies as backend for IP discussions, recorded as

    • ACTION: (kiko) set up page and process
  • Kiko: Hardware
    • Paul M. asks about hardware recommendations for Linaro assignees, exemplifies he's working on a Tegra platform
    • ACTION: (kiko) HardwareGuidelines to contain platform recommendations for Linaro partners

  • Kiko: Next steps in partner engagement
    • Technical Liaison Engineers to be introduced in TSCM calls; IBM and ST-Ericsson already set up
    • ACTION: (all) TSC members need to schedule on-site engineering time, contact Kiko & Anmar with suggested week

    • Assignee updates to be given as heads-up to Kiko/David R. during TSC calls
    • Maintaining public wikipages
    • ACTION: (kiko) to contact TSCMs and provide guidelines and URL
      • Paul M. (IBM), Gokul S. (TI), Rob H. (Freescale)
  • Next call July 7th
    • Time should be okay, but start 30 mins earlier and run for 1.5h
    • Gokul S., Paul M, Jeff N., ARM concur
    • Stephen will set up provisional agenda for next TSC call
    • Minutes to be posted Linaro-internal for review, then made public

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