• Stephen Doel
  • David Rusling
  • Kiko


  • Establishing Standard TSC Agenda
    • Invited Speaker
    • Comments on Report
    • Current Issues
    • Cycle+1 Thoughts and Items
    • Next Session
    • Ideas for a better TSC
  • TSC Voting
    • Formal vote to be used only if disagreement after discussion
    • Any TSC member can call for a vote if they feel one is needed
  • Reporting into the TSC
    • Consolidated reports from WGs and Platform 1 week prior to meeting
    • Blueprint status and burndown
    • PDFs for offline reading?
    • During meeting sign-off on report
  • Planning cycle and TSC
    • Two special TSC meetings before Developer Summit:
      • 6 weeks before to sign off on priorities
      • 2 weeks before to sign off on sessions
      • Sessions and priorities need to be circulated a week
        • before meeting, PDFs again?
  • TSC presence on wiki
  • Providing TSC minutes publically
    • #linaro-tsc channel to be used during meetings
    • Notes should be provided
    • [ACTION] Question for next TSC: streaming/open conference line
  • Requirements Review
    • [ACTION] David and Kiko to review blueprints and TRs by
      • tomorrow

Next Meeting

  • 2010-07-07 to run on Kiko's conference line

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