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BoF agenda and discussion

Linaro have missing configs on various flavours. Configs are bascially chosen by the originator of the board. They need a way to maintain these configs for many uise cases on many boards. Whats there now is not enough.

The current 'enforce' is a start, but only covers a small number of configs.

Kernel config policy for linaro:

Looking to ensure that all the boards are supported, and that the options the s/w needs are enabled, but also allow the consumer to also modify them based on their user needs.

Looking to split the configs into h/w specific and non-h/w sp ecific. With layerable rules to select configuration items.

Need baseline rules for example:

  • need IPV4/IPV6 need all filesystems only need this filesystem on this machine

Would like to build less kernels, on arm they have per board kernels. Would like to have an OMAP kernel not 3 and 4 etc. But would also want to optimise.

Distro has the same problem we have h/w specific configs and 'ubuntu' defaults for things like filesystems. We have a set of rules but they are maintained eternally and applied manually.

Much discussion of what we could do. Need something layered so we can define defaults and layer over the top.

Will be a follow up session ...


  • determine whether upstream would allow classification of dependancies (machine specific, generic)


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