• Note: the instructions below need to be run on a native armv7 board with an up-to-date lucid install

  • Note: also see Process/Testing on information how to get and install pre-build images


  • install python-software-properties

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
  • enable linaro tools ppa on your arm lucid install

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools
    sudo apt-get update
  • install/upgrade live-helper from the linaro tools ppa

    sudo apt-get install live-helper
  • branch the linaro-media-create tool and put it in your PATH:

    bzr branch lp:linaro-image-tools; ln -s $PWD/linaro-image-tools/linaro-media-create $HOME/bin/

Getting the live-helper config branches

  • branch the live-helper config you want to produce an image for, e.g. for headless:

    mkdir image1; cd image1
    bzr branch lp:~linaro-maintainers/linaro/live-helper.config.maverick.headless config


  • build the image

    sudo lh build
  • clean the build tree (for another image build)

    sudo lh clean
  • clean more of the build tree

    sudo lh clean --all


See Releases/GettingInstallingTesting.

Image Building Overview

Without Hardware Packs


With Hardware Packs


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