Broadcom Landing Team Git Repositories

Kernel Git Tree

Actively maintained at

This repository contains work that has been submitted for upstreaming by Broadcom’s Landing Team. The currently supported platforms are the bcm281xx and bcm216xx families of mobile SoCs.

Individual patch sets will appear under their own branches named review/<topic-name>. Revisions of a patch set will be published on branches with the same name and an incremented version suffix (-v2, -v3, etc.). Most review branches will be based on mainline — unless they have special prerequisites.

Branch master is the unmodified master tree from Linus Torvald’s mainline.

Branch llct/capri-support is the Landing Team’s baseline. It is based on current mainline. All landing team patches that have been queued for inclusion into mainline, as well as patches that have been posted publicy for review are applied to this tree. The tree is regularly rebased onto the current -rc release. At that time, non-queued LT patches that are under public review will also be updated to the latest revision that has been posted publicly. Patches are dropped from this tree once a patch hits mainline.

LT tools tree

Actively maintained at

The Broadcom Landing team uses the scripts in tools/ to genereate a sparse ext4 root file system from a Linaro release tar-ball and for other support tasks.

The main script is Creation of the file system is controlled by the .linaro2sparserc script, which also allows for customization.

The binaries/ directory contains replacement as well as additional binaries that will be copied into the target file system, while conf/ contains configuration files copied into the /etc directory of the root fs.

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