Stopping the Wiki Madness

This page includes notes and planning for dealing with some of the Linaro developer wiki issues. Most of the notes came from a session held at Linaro Connect.

This page will attempt to cross-reference with the blueprint so we can make sure all the ideas and actions are properly listed as work items or blueprints.

Problems People Have

Requirements for taking deliverables isn't always the same as our users have: ie they are on unsupported platforms.

+1 Activities: Up to now we've focused documentation efforts on getting started. Once a user gets to this point, they have some additional things to do like:

  • get debug symbols for a package
  • get source to a package and rebuild it with some customizations

We have several channels of Linaro information. wiki, planet.l.o, twitter, etc. This can be confusing.

Too much information, lack of index, sometimes out of date. Some details missing ("TODO" sections or pages). Lack of a good search engine. People no longer pay attention to the front page (unlike Wikipedia's front page changes all the time).

Need to have top pages explaining what we do and why, so that people know what to look for.


Improve front page of Wiki.

We have two different types of users, an experienced and a new user. One path should push the user to stuff on getting started. The other should point to more developer focused stuff

We need to seek feedback on new HowTo articles.

We need to come up with better way to find and update/delete stale pages.

We need a page on L-M-C and everything it can do.

We need to come up with a "philosophy" for things in the wiki like:

  • dealing with similar pages. l-m-c is a great example. We have multiple pages showing how to use it specifically for something.
  • What's the best way to handle this?

Identify who is the primary writer of a given page. Then ask this person whether the content is still relevant. May even nominate an owner responsible for keeping each page up to date.

Document good practices to write good wiki pages (doanac?) (joke) utility to check the style of wiki page (doanac?)

Propose a structure for the wiki, and see what we don't have (doanac)

  • input from Steve T
  • input from Joey
  • potentially rough document the existing emerging structure
  • revisit Kiko's page hierarchy page ChristianReis/WikiGuidelines

Get Andy access to Google Analytics [doanac,jenifferc]

Propose a documentation structure outline based on the existing wiki pages (dmart)


Need to remove obsolete pages!

Ability to +1 pages and recognize the best contributors at each Connect

Have a part time wiki gardener. Who also help people to create good content. Have a template for good pages.

Duplicated, scattered content. Examples: l-m-c details and qemu instructions in multiple places.

Can use Google Analytics to find out the most and the least popular pages. yields these as the top visited pages (since the beginning of times)

There appears to be a large discrepancy between pagehits and google analytics data. PageHits is simply a dumb counter where google has some additional intelligence.

Optimize the wiki for access to front pages for WGs, which are the most popular ones.

Too many meeting minutes in wiki search results... Wishing to ignore meeting minutes from last year, without deleting them. Add a separate for meeting minutes and status report stuff?

Create a website (wiki) with valuable information, and keeping w.l.o for internal stuff?

Also make IRC logs available and searchable.

More generally, need for a unified search through all the subdomains and websites. For example, Google site search. We could also install our own independent search appliance (or even a Yacy instance on rackspace hosting).

Need to stop adding subdomains and confuse people any further.

Do some self promotion, saying "Linux on ARM" to appear in Search Engine results.

Identify new top pages about given topics (see to make content more discoverable. You also end up reading less and finding things faster.

See for Andy's experiments with wiki improvements.

Remove useless stuff on the front wiki page (news, about Linaro...).

Need navigation to other Linaro sites (use the same top links as in

Make it clear that this is a "developer wiki".

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