Key Points for wider Discussion

Team Highlights

  • Engineering Resources tasks
    • Finished renaming Mentoring wiki pages and fixing links
    • Renamed CrossCompile links

    • Re-organized the Bazaar related pages and tagged
    • Reformatted and added content to the w.l.o/Boards/Enabled page
    • Team meeting with feedback from 2 more tech leads - Michael Hope and Eric Miao
    • Tagged new wiki HowTo's: libunwind, LTTng, and latrace

    • Proposed an outline for Linaro@UDS introductory meeting for new employees
  • Development work
    • Validated new vexpress IOFPA code with improved MMC
    • USB Gadget Work for Overo
    • MailListStat hack requested by Kiko

    • x-loader fix for Overo

Upcoming Deliverables



  • Andy - Friday

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