Key Points for wider Discussion

Team Highlights

  • Engineering Resources accomplishments
    • Created

    • Organizing Linaro team member's homepages
    • mailliststat statistics development
    • Rename Mentoring pages and promoted HowTo and FAQ pages to wiki front page

    • Setup Friday meeting for Engineering Resources team meeting with Scott
      • Bambrough, Steve Langasek, and Paul Larsen(Paul submitted info remotely)
    • UDS planning assignments
    • Technical Requirements and Blueprints planning meeting
    • Worked on reformatting default wiki page
  • Product Development tasks
    • Overo testing
    • Setup Vexpress to latest IOFPGA, fixes MMC problems
    • Responded to bug #729467
    • Worked on setting up the DS5
    • Tested new MMC code for Pawel
    • Assisted SpotterRF with utilizing Linaro tools

Upcoming Deliverables


  • Publicizing Engineering Resources offerings


  • None

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