Using Twitter

Twitter can be useful to share quick news and help build a technical community like ours:

  • New releases
  • New blog posts
  • Useful resources
  • Announcements at public events or on mailing lists

Linaro currently has one Twitter account: LinaroOrg


LinaroOrg is our corporate Twitter account. It is industry oriented and targets decision makers and engineers. You can expect to find corporate announcements relayed there.

Who can post there:

  • The marketing team (Steve, Jennifer and Shovan) have access to post the page, however, if Linaro employees and assignees are most welcome to send their tweet suggestions to the e-mail addresses below. Given our different timezones, there should always be someone available to post your tweets.

<jennifer.castelino AT linaro DOT org> or <steve.taylor AT linaro DOT org> or <shovan.sargunam AT linaro DOT org>

Here's what we like to post on Twitter:

  • New releases and announcements (from Linaro and from other sources such as
  • Technical blog posts and on-line resources (from Linaro and from other sources)
  • Information related to Linaro Connect events

  • News about other technical conferences and events
  • Anything of interest for the Linaro and ARM Linux technical community (like "The website is back").

Here's what we cannot post there

  • Minor announcements such as "Found bug xxx in project yyy". You could announce fixes for bugs that affect a wide enough audience though.
  • Announcements which haven't been made public outside Linaro
  • Negative articles (such as criticism about a specific proprietary software vendor, or a competing hardware platform).

Tweet writing tips

  • Please send your tweet to one of the marketing team members list above
  • You can mention long URLs. Twitter will shorten them automatically
  • You can put a hash sign in front of keywords, for example #Linaro or #linaroconnect, to make it easier to search for tweets matching a given topic.
  • You can even add images to your tweets. When you click on the text form to write your tweet, a small camera icon appears, allowing you to upload a picture. The picture is then uploaded and a short link to it is provided.
  • There is also an icon to add a location in to the tweet to let people know where you are tweeting from


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