Sharing Code and Data in Linaro

So you've created a nifty bit of code you want to share with others. There are several options to choose from based on what you would like to do.

Picture of GIT Logo


  • If it's source code, you can put it on - Process/GitHostingAccounts

    • This allows you to make incremental updates
  • If you do not have an account on, create an RT ticket with this template

    • Be sure and ask to be included in git-linaro group as directed in the template

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  • You can use this Linaro personal code repository for small tar files or data
  • More details can be found here

Picture of Launchpad help

Launch Pad

  • If it's not confidential, you can upload code to Launchpad as a release download file
    • By using this option, instead of a PPA, you will avoid the deb-building process
  • has instructions and informational links

Picture of a Folder

  • can be used to publicly share code and other textual information

    • It's very intuitive to use!
      • Add the information you want to share to the Content: box

      • Complete the optional Poster: and Syntax: fields

      • Click on the "Paste!" button and you will get a link to share with others


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