Samsung Landing Team (LT) WIKI

This wiki lists all information related to Samsung LT project

/!\ The Samsung Landing Team is no longer active. Therefore, these pages are no longer maintained. /!\

Samsung LT kernel

Selecting LT kernel

Samsung HardwarePack How-To

Debugging Android ADB

USB Gadget How-To

Using Linaro-media-tools in SMDK

SMDKV310 Setup

Debugging & Using WLAN in Origen


WLAN in Anroid How-To

WLAN 2 How-Too

Debugging Bluetooth in Origen

Bluetooth How-to

Device Tree in Origen

Device Tree

3D Graphics Mali in Origen

Mali How-To

Mali DS5 in Samsung Origen

DS5 How-To

Exynos FIMC Camera in Origen

FIMC Camera How-To

Samsung LT Android

Samsung Links For Android

Samsung LT Ubuntu

Origen Setup

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