Additional Packaging Details in Linaro

Following is a list of problems others have encountered while creating packages. Please add to the list as you solve problems.

  • Running "debuild -S -i -I -K" causes an unsigned package error

    • You will need to register the PGP key with your launchpad account to upload to a PPA
    • 'debsign [...].changes' to try to sign it again after correcting the problem
  • Be sure to give your package a distinguishing version number
    • Edit debian/changelog ('dch' is a handy tool for this to get the formatting right)
    • Give your package a unique version number
      • For example - 2010.12-0ubuntu1+ppa1
  • Branches in a "+junk" directory cannot be merged to a main project
    • Example:
      • lp:~person/+junk/linaro-media-create/revision/250 - cannot be merged to linaro-media-create
      • It should be checked in as lp:~person/linaro-image-tools/good-project-name, then you will see a merge button


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