This page describes the Linaro Packaged Kernel

What Is It

It is a packaged version of linux-linaro with Ubuntu and Linaro packaging and "Sauce" added.

How Is It Created

For each release starts with the current linux-linaro-2.6.xx as a base. The Ubuntu kernel release packaging and sauce patches that coorespond to the same upstream Linus kernel are rebased onto the base. Finally, the Linaro packaging and sauce patches are applied.

How Often Are New Versions Released

At least once a month but usually more often as needed. If you need to try out something that is linux-linaro-2.6.xx and can't wait for the next version you can grab the -next-wip branch and build it yourself following the instructions under "Can I build It Myself" below.;a=summary or git://

BEWARE: The packaged-next tree is a work in progress and is rebased on each interation.

How Do I Get a Patch Included

Feature patches are not accepted directly, they are expected to come from upstream. If the patch is a config, enter a bug against the appropriate platform version.

What Config Options Are Enabled

The per platform configs come from the upstream kernel defconfig for that platform plus other things that have been requested. The omap config originally came from Ubuntu so it has many more options enabled. The config differences could be considered a bug and should be addressed someday. It would be a good idea to address this at the beginning of the 11.11 cycle.

Can I Build It Myself

Yes, your are likely only working on a particular flavour so you probably want to clone one of the -only branches. Then see this page for how to build it.

What Are All These -only Tags

The linux-linaro packaged kernel currently supports five different platforms. For the 11.04 cycle we decided to upload per platform flavours so the kernel would build in a reasonable amount of time. This split is done by a script and the original combined tree and each -only versions are tagged for reference and reproducibility.

Why Isn't CONFIG_BLAH Turned On

If you want something turned on, enter a bug.

Why Doesn't Feature XYZZY Work

Could be a missing CONFIG_BLAH or a upstream bug. Enter a bug against the appropriate flavour.

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