When you make changes to projects on Launchpad, you may need to adjust the configuration of so that it knows where to look for the blueprints.

Getting the branch

You need a copy of

so run

bzr whoami

If that doesn't print your Launchpad username then check Resources/HowTo/BZR before continuing.

bzr branch lp:~linaro/launchpad-work-items-tracker/linaro-config
cd linaro-config

Making changes

Edit the file 11.11.cfg and make the needed changes. There are some comments in the file that should help.

Usually you will be editing the extra_projects setting, to either add or remove a project from tracking, or changing the tracked series.

Note that if you get the syntax wrong it will break updates to until it is fixed. To check that you haven't introduced any problems try running

pyflakes 11.11.cfg

before committing.

Pushing the changes

Once you have edited the file and checked it with pyflakes you can commit

bzr commit

Be sure to enter a useful message, describing the intent of your change.

Next you can push the changes to Launchpad

bzr push :parent

The change will then be picked up on the next run of the scraper.

Keep an eye on for any problems introduced by your change.


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