Ask Linaro is an on-line resource that the Linaro Community can use to ask technical questions and share technical experience with others. Ask Linaro is therefore a nice way to start contributing to Linaro.


To contribute to Ask Linaro, it is required to get an account on the system.

Just go to Ask Linaro. The system will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. Once your address is verified, the questions you ask become visible.

People with answers

Linaro and community contributors are invited to subscribe to notifications for questions matching their areas of expertise and interest. You can either subscribe to all questions and answers, or to specific topics.

Subscribing to all questions and answers

First click go to your profile page by clicking on the top link with your user name:

Ask Linaro top links

Then click on the "User tools" link and choose "email notification settings":

Email notification settings menu

By scrolling down the page, you can then decide to subscribe to all questions and answers:

Email notification settings

Subscribing to specific topics

Ask Linaro allows you to get notifications for the tags that you are interested in.

The Ask Linaro staff (currently Michael Opdenacker) makes sure that each new question is properly tagged, so that the right people get the right notifications.

Here is the official list of tags that we put on questions (this wiki page is the official reference)

Note that you can also follow the above links for each tag, to find the most recent questions with these tags. This also helps to identify questions without answers yet.

To subscribe to questions corresponding to a set of tags, you first need to define your "Interesting tags" from the main window:

Interesting tags

We recommend to add tags from the above official list, to be sure not to miss any tag matching your topics of interest.

The second step is to go to the "email notification settings" page as explained in the above section. On that page, make sure that you select:

  • "Instantly" for "A new question matching my interesting tags is posted"
  • "All questions matching my interesting tags" in the "Auto subscribe me to" section

Email notification by tag

People with questions

Here are a few guidelines for asking questions, and maximize your chances of getting useful answers.

  • Use appropriate tags, using the "official" tags from the list above. Ask Linaro will help you by completing the tag names according to existing ones. In particular, add the tag for the distribution you are using (Android, Ubuntu, xbmc), which users often forget to mention.
  • Do your homework and show it in your questions: look for similar questions on the Internet, on Ask Linaro, or directly on Google, which indexes Ask Linaro content very well too. Showing a strong will to investigate the issue will not only help you to find a solution, but will also incite more people to support you.

  • Once you receive an answer that is a good answer to your question, please make sure that you mark the question as "Accepted", by clicking on the "tick" button next to the question (see the screenshot below). The person providing the answer will get a karma reward and you will get a bonus too. Accepting answers is important because it helps volunteers to focus on questions which haven't received a satisfactory answer yet.

Button to accept an answer

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