Questions about Packaging in Linaro

  • How do you maintain the debian folder?


  • What is a typical work flow for creating a package from scratch?

  • How do we get access to native-builders on launchpad?
    • If you have Linaro assignees, we can provide them with access
    • Others will need some kind of a legally binding agreement with Canonical

  • What are the naming syntax rules for package revisions?
    • You can't use a '-' in the suffix
    • You don't want to use a '~' as a separator in the suffix because this will sort earlier than the corresponding base version

    • Using '+' or '.' as a separator in the suffix is ok if your base version is an Ubuntu version, but only if the base package has no Ubuntu delta (and uses a Debian package version number with no 'ubuntuX' at the end), these suffixes would sort later than any Ubuntu revisions that could be introduced later


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