Conference Call Options

Once in a conference here are the options you can adjust:


Mute / Unmute your line


Lock / Unlock the conference (Leader only)


Eject the last user to join the conference (Leader only)


Decrease the volume of the conference


Increase the volume of the conference


Decrease the volume of your line


Exit the menu


Increase the volume of your line


If you have a problem with the CANONICAL conferencing system, please file an RT with the following details:

  • Account details (participant pin and chair pin)
  • Time of call
  • Number dialed
  • Number dialed from
  • Description of problem
  • Send an email with this information to <linaro AT rt DOT canonical DOT com>

If you have a problem with the ZIP conferencing system, please contact Joe B.

Obtaining your own Conference ID and Pin

  • Tech leads, managers and frequent users of the conference system should request their own conference ID
    • If your company can provide one then you can use that. (e.g. Canonical employees can get a Canonical conference line)
    • If you are a Linaro employee you are eligible for a ZIP conferencing line.
      • Engineering should request from Joey
      • Landing Teams should request from Joe B.

ZIP Conferencing System Help

We use the ZIP conferencing system for PPRs (Public Plan Reviews). Here is a link with some tips for that system:

Recording a Conference Call

Using Reservationless-Plus System

Using the Skype Recording Applet

  • You can use a Skype recording applet to capture the conversation. The applet will do this.

     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:osmoma/rec-applet
     sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install rec-applet
  • Add the applet to your panel, right click on the panel -> Select "add to panel" -> choose "Audio Recorder Applet"

Using a Smartphone

  • Put your land-line on speaker mode
  • Run the phone sound recorder on your smartphone
  • When finished, send the recording to your email account
  • An Android HTC phone saves the recording in *.amr format. If you want the file in mp3 format you need to convert it using the soundconverter app:
     sudo apt-get install soundconverter

(Thanks to Mounir Bsaibes for developing these tips)

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