Linaro Engineering Resources


Welcome to Linaro! Linaro is an organization that aims to make embedded open source development easier and faster. The Engineering Resources Group aims to make your integration into Linaro easier and faster. As you work in Linaro you'll go through several phases where your mentoring needs may change. We aim to provide resources to you at each stage.

Mentoring Phases

Getting Started

When first starting at Linaro we want to get you hooked into our various communication streams as soon as possible. As a distributed organization communication is critical to our success. The first things you need to make sure you've setup are outlined here:

In addition to your New Staff Tasks link, here are some other links to help you get you communicating with the team:

You may also want to browse the engineering directory to see the people you'll be working with:

Understanding Your Job

Now that you have your communication streams in place, its time to understand your job.

Doing Your Job

Engineering Resources is actively working on ways to help you get your job done easier. Here are some things we currently have in place:


It is also important for you to understand how your performance will be evaluated. The Linaro evaluation process can be found here.

Here's a listing of pages under the Engineering Resources section of the Wiki:

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