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== Project Management Responsibilities ==

== Comments ==

 * Some of the activities the PMs do in the engineering teams cannot be done by an admin, or even a non-technical PM. Unless the PM is aware of the technical issues in the team he is supporting, some of the work cannot be done. E.g. creating the weekly status report requires some technical knowledge of the WG's activities.
 * The more the TL's have to handle PM functions, the less of a technical lead they become.
 * The PM cannot replace the TL but can become the TL's right hand man (trusted resource) that enables the TL to achieve more.
 * The TL needs to define expectations with the PM to make the best use of the PM.

== Responsibilities ==

 * Vendor Management
  * examples
   * communications
   * vendor status monitoring
   * escalation of problems
  * Out of scope
   * contract management (handled via Office of COO)
 * Requirements Process
  * Heavily involved in the requirements capture process
  * Help the team identify and define Jira work items
  * Setup Cards, Blueprints and Work Items in Jira
  * Help with specification drafting and review
  * Work items are assigned
  * Generating release schedule
 * Linaro Connect
  * Ensure team have made travel and visa arrangements for sprint
  * Ensure sessions are scheduled, they do not overlap with other important events, are in an appropriately sized room, have identified owners, and have all necessary A/V equipment and connectivity.
  * Be first point of contact for travel and event questions
  * Ensure the plan for sprints are decided upon prior the sprint
  * Ensure that there are an adequate number of sessions to cover the technical requirements and available engineering blueprints.
  * Help the team in any way at the event including meeting arrangement, resource requests, general other tasks
 * Regular Monitoring
  * Blueprint and work item monitoring to ensure tasks are progressing as planned
  * Early identification of issues, 'stuck' Blueprints, behind tasks, engineering progress e.t.c. and escalation of issues.
  * Regular contact with the team lead to discuss progress and issues
  * Ensure deliverables are to be on time and communicate (or encourage the communication of) these to a wider audience
  * Keep abreast of other teams in Linaro (reading the weekly activity reports is good here) to identify potential collaboration points and any issues that may arise from interoperability
  * Be mindful of areas for improvement (aka continuous improvement)
 * General Admin
  * Chair (if necessary) team meetings either on the phone or on irc. This includes creating agendas and minutes.
  * Arrange (or take if not the chair) notes for the meeting. Ensure these are posted to the relevant places (email the team, mailing list) in a timely fashion.
  * Ensure the wiki captures the meeting correctly (logs, notes, actions)
  * Chase any actions the team generates
  * Be involved in team discussions on mail and irc
  * Help to satisfy IS and hardware requests. This includes keeping track of and following up on issues such as people without boards, IT issues, access issues, etc.
  * Act as a the representative of your team at meetings as required
 * Stakeholder activities
  * Keeping track of the stakeholders projects where applicable, following up with both team members and stakeholder as needed
  * Document proposed requirements on behalf of requester and ensure a high level of completeness with respect to existing requests
  * Represent the teams at the Stakeholder meetings and be advocate to their need
  * Be mindful of requests which could be completed by a community member
  * Track the execution of the request and generate a simplified status report
 * Status Reporting and communications
  * Ensure all team members produce a weekly activity report if required
  * Collate the activity reports, with a keen knowledge of what the team is doing, and produce an informative weekly team report
  * Provide a buffer between the the tech leads/management and the engineers for trivial and straight-forward issues.
 * Member company
  * In addition to Linaro activities, the PM often acts as a liaison between Linaro and the member company
   * Addressing member company assignees specific needs as appropriate
   * Assist in travel arrangement as requested by member company
   * expense tracking as requested by member company
   * Metrics
 * Lessons Learned
  * Conduct lessons learned
  * Implement actions from lessons learned activities to improve on what we do
 * Landing Team PMs
  * Create Statement of work
  * Setup and run the Landing Team kick-off

Things PMs could also do:
 * Get more engagement with the community, monitor activities on the mailing lists
 * Review tools that may enhance the environment in general and the Development tracking in particular