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The Product Technology Group's mission is to create, package, test and release key open source products that our members can integrate within there development processes to take advantage of Linaro's activities.

The three product teams produce the Linaro Stable Kernel, Source and Binary Toolchains and a test execution platform, LAVA.


  • Coordinate Product Technology engineering teams and provide management support.
  • Interface and coordinate with other Linaro groups and engineering teams.
  • Support Linaro Members at the engineer level and provide stable, high quality products
  • Execute through the LAVA, LSK and Toolchain teams

Teams and Roles

Product Technology combines the three Linaro product teams; Linaro Toolchain, Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) and Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) into a single group dedicated to delivering high quality, high performance open-source solutions that Linaro members can use to accelerate their product development.

Product Technology Director is Alan Bennett.


The Linaro Toolchain works on all aspects of system-level tools - the core development toolchain (compiler, assembler, linker, debugger), core system libraries (dynamic linker, c-library), emulation, profiling and analysis (oprofile, performance events) and instrumentation (ftrace). The toolchain team also provides Linaro toolchain binary releases and Linaro Toolchain package releases.

For more information see: Toolchain wiki page


The LAVA team is responsible for engineering and development of the open-source Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA). LAVA provides a framework for enabling engineering groups to integrate and perform advanced testing across a set of hardware and virtual devices.

For more information see: LAVA wiki page

Linaro Kernel Products

The Linaro Kernel products team is responsible for engineering and development of Linaro's kernels that are positioned for product development by the community and Linaro members. The underlying theme for all Linaro kernel products is to bring the latest ARM technology into ready for product development kernels. These kernels typically have stable foundations, such as the LSK being based on Greg KH's LTS kernels. By limiting the rate-of-change, but still providing fixes, select feature backports and extending the maintenance periods, these kernels are well positioned for product development

Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) aims to provide a stable basis for system integration of ARM hardware, integrating Linaro developed features available in mainline with Long Term Stable (LTS) releases to allow integration of those features in production systems.

For more information see: LSK wiki page


We are available through IRC on the #linaro channel at For contacting us through mailing lists please check the team’s wiki pages, linked above.


If you are interested in people assigned to each team, roadmaps, methodologies, licenses, code availability etc. please check the different engineering teams pages linked above.

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