Sending patches upstream via email

In January, 2014, the process was updated and we subscribed patches mail clients to many mailing lists. This change no longer requires developers to

When sending patches to monitored projects, it is no longer necessary to send that patch to

Depending on your team workflow, you may still be requested to CC when you send the patch to the relevant mailing list (notice that git can be configured to always CC when sending a patch via email).

Some projects don't use mailing lists to track/review patches and in those cases you should send the patch just to and after it's sent to the project's preferred tool. When you do that, though, it's a good idea to include a link to a publicly visible place where the patch is being discussed/reviewed.

Patches under the 'Unknown' project

If you still CC, sometimes a patch will be sent to a mailing list we haven't heard about, and in that case it will be placed under the Unknown project. If that happens, you should ask for a new project to be registered for that mailing list. At most a couple hours after the new project is created, all of its patches will be moved there.

Register a new mailing list

To register a new mailing list, we track these using our bug tracking system. Please file a bug @ for new list tracking:

Projects hosted on Launchpad

If the project's source code is hosted on Launchpad, it's likely patches won't be sent around via email, so in these cases we currently have to subscribe the Linaro Patches user to the project's trunk branch. That way whenever there's a new revision added, an email will be sent to with the diff committed. You should ask if you'd like the Linaro Patches LP user subscribed to any branch.

Gardening your patches

We do our best to automatically detect committed/superseded patches, but that doesn't work in all cases so sometimes you'll have to manually update the state of your patches. From your dashboard on you can see all your patches that are waiting for feedback and update their state if necessary. We suggest you check your dashboard periodically, but doing so just twice a month should be enough.

More info

For more info on how Patchmetrics works, please see this page: HowPatchmetricsWorks


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