This page describes how to release Linaro components. As an example, the commands and naming/version scheme are given, using git.


The workflow is as follows:

  1. The development occurs in a version control system (VCS). The current options are:
    • Git on or
    • Bazaar on Launchpad (

$ git clone git://
  • Note: It's recommended to use a team repository. e.g. people should be avoided.

  • The released version is tagged.

$ git tag ${upstream_version}-${} -m "Tagging monthly release ${upstream}-${}"
  • Note: It's recommended to use "${upstream_version}-${}" when the component is based on an upstream. Otherwise, "${}" when Linaro is the upstream.

  • A release tarball is created from the tag.

$ git archive --format=tar --prefix=linux-linaro-lt-${vendor_name}-${upstream_version}-${}/ ${tag_name} | bzip2 > linux-linaro-lt-${vendor_name}-${upstream_version}-${}.tar.bz2
  • Note: It's recommended to use tar.bz2 compression format as it's usually smaller than tar.gz.

  • The download files are uploaded on the Launchpad project milestone page to create the release. It includes the release tarball, release notes and changelog. See Linaro GCC milestone page for a proper example.

    Note: The files can be uploaded before the component release date. Launchpad allows to set the date for publishing the release.

  • A notification e-mail is sent to the Release Team mailing list <linaro-release AT lists DOT linaro DOT org> to ensure a proper tracking of the component and to update the downloads links/website for the release.

The released Linaro component is now ready to be consumed by the Platform Teams and/or the end users for packaging and/or integration.



On a component respin, the following process should be followed:

  1. A new release tag is created. A suffix number is added to the version, marking it as a respin: e.g. "-1" for the first respin.

$ git tag ${upstream_version}-${}-${respin_version} -m "Tagging monthly release ${upstream}-${}-${respin_version}"
  1. A new release tarball is created.

$ git archive --format=tar --prefix=linux-linaro-lt-${vendor_name}-${upstream_version}-${}-${respin_version}/ ${tag_name} | bzip2 > linux-linaro-lt-${vendor_name}-${upstream_version}-${}-${respin_version}.tar.bz2
  1. The Launchpad project milestone page is updated with the new release tarball, release notes and changelog.
  2. A notification e-mail about the respin is sent to the Release Team mailing list <linaro-release AT lists DOT linaro DOT org>. The e-mail should mention the rationale for the respin and bug(s) fixed.


In addition to a component respin, an image respin could be needed. It's mandatory to get an approval from the Release Team <linaro-release AT lists AT linaro DOT org> during the release days (from Monday 16:00 UTC until Thursday 16:00 UTC) as respin tracking is needed, the release candidate images are transferred to and install instructions are updated.

  1. A bug is reported and the Release Team is subscribed. Please, see the bug management process for more details.

  2. A notification e-mail is sent to the Release Team mailing list <linaro-release AT lists DOT linaro DOT org> to get an approval for image respin.

  3. Release Team ensures the Platform Teams are notified about the approved image respin.
  4. linaro-dev mailing list is notified by the Release Team about the approved image respin.

This process ensures that all the involved parties are notified and take actions as required.

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