Watcher Plugin for JIRA

The official name of this plug-in "BugWatcher" is a bit misleading as the plugin allows you to watch JIRA issues. Linaro has customized JIRA issues to be CARDs and EPIC for example. Among other things it allows people to 'watch' a whole project without needing to go to each issue and 'watch' it.

It's key user features are:

  • Watch projects
  • Bulk Watch
  • Bulk Add/Remove Watchers
  • Watch Filters
  • Personal notification schemes

The plug-in is configurable to send you either emails on changes, or in-app notifications. If you choose in-app notifications, you will see all the 'watch' notifications in an icon shaped like an eye in the upper right corner of your JIRA screen.

Ways you can access the plugin

  • from the advanced search page as a 'Watch' button
  • from the project page on the left side pane as a 'Watches' link

How to Watch the Blueprint and Task issues for a Team

A person needs to watch all activity in a specific project.

  • Click the Projects menu and choose or find the project you want to watch

  • On the left side pane choose the 'Watches' link
  • Click on the Watch Project link

  • Choose the method of notification: either 'in-app' or 'email'
  • To narrow down specific events to watch, you can use 'Configure your personal project notification scheme' link

If you require assistance creating filters please contact the PMO or email David Zinman <David DOT Zinman AT linaro DOT org>

How to Watch the Roadmap Issues for a Team

A person needs to view all changes to CARDs assigned to a Group or Team.

  • Create a search filter that will list the issues that you want and save it to a distinct name
    • Click the Issues menu and choose Search for issues

    • Enter your search parameters in the search field
      • For example, to search for Builds and Baselines issues use project = CARD AND component = "Builds and Baselines"

    • Save the filter by clicking the Save as button and supplying a distinct name to the filter

    • To dynamically watch this filter, go to the Issues menu and choose Manage Filters

    • Choose My on the left side.

    • Find the filter you have created and click the associated Watch link

Official BugWatcher documentation

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