JIRA CARD Best Practices

Please enter any best practices for JIRA CARDS here

  1. Create a shared Google doc, director + PjM to interview the tech lead about a new set of cards to be created, take notes during the HO/interview, motivate the tech lead to review/correct/complete the notes.
    • JIRA editor is not the best for collaboration, copy-paste-reformat to jira once the shared doc is mature.
  2. Post a comment to every ongoing roadmap card after every weekly stand up, copy-paste the latest comment into the engineering update field, keep short, one-liner would be the best for reporting into the dashboard
  3. Post a comment in a card whenever it is reviewed by the corresponding SC for trace-ability, e.g. when a card gets approved or CR accepted or closeout
  4. Use the Epic and CARD templates when creating descriptions

  5. When creating a JIRA EPIC or CARD, add the Fix Version (the delivery cycle for the work) only when you have a fairly good level of confidence that the date can be met.
  6. Watching issues or projects in JIRA can be done by using this JIRA plugin.

  7. Using the confidence indicator for Roadmap CARDs.

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