Key Points for wider discussion

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Team Highlights

  • Launch Control 0.4 is released. This release features the support for data views and simple reports. It has been deployed on website.
  • jQuery plugin for the dashboard is done. It's now easy to create table-based or chart-based reports.
  • launch-control-tool 4.1 is released. This release adds new commands for manipulating data views. It also makes improvements to the way pull interacts with the user, now presenting a much more easier to understand flow of messages.
  • There's discussions between Zygmunt Krynicki and Michael Hudson on lava-tool, the new command line tool for the linaro validation efforts. lava-tool will be the front end for abrek, launch-control-tool and the scheduler tool. They discussed about adding secure API support to Linaro web services.
  • The work on the capture of serial log when running a job and attach the serial to the result bundle is progressing. It has been submitted for a review.
  • Linaro 11.05 Beta 2 has been tested on MX51 and MX53.
  • The stream test package dependency is broken in Abrek. The fix has been submitted and the review is pending.
  • The u-boot commands sending in LAVA is broken on iMX boards. The fix has been submitted and the review is pending.
  • The support for MX53 loco board has been added to LAVA configuration file.
  • Abrek test suites includes Peacekeeper, a browser benchmark. It's ready for a review.
  • The team prepares for LDS

Upcoming Deliverables

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Risks / Issues

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  • Dave Pigott is absent.

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