Key Points for wider discussion

  • A test run of the LAVA dispatcher to set up and submitting a job to deploy an image, install abrek and a testsuite, and run the testsuite with the bundle generated was done. A few minor fixes were needed along the way but it worked.

Team Highlights

  • Lots of work on getting abrek to support tests in JSON format. Now, instead of writing Python code for a test, JSON can be used. This work is contained in lp:~zkrynicki/abrek/szarik.

  • launch-control is now at version 0.3c6 which is to be deployed to when IS completes the ticket.

  • Work on LAVA continues with two merges accepted and work on integration with launch-control started.

  • The LAVA scheduler saw some developments this week with a merge proposal for the database model and work starting on the scheduler daemon.

Upcoming Deliverables

Risks / Issues

  • HIGH IMPACT: The IMX53 board the team has needs some rework to enable it to be remotely powered on and off. Freescale have been requested to provide a reworked board for this purpose (1 week).

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Mirsad Vojnikovic is unable to use bzr due to proxy constraints at ST-E. He has asked for a whitelist to continue to work in Launchpad but no reply has been received (1 week).

  • MEDIUM IMPACK: Router instability in the Cambridge office continues to be a source of trouble. It is infrequent, but disruptive when it occurs. We have a plan in place to replace this router very soon.


  • Zygmunt Krynicki on vacation 23rd-31st March.
  • Dave Pigott started this week. He will be working from the Cambridge office on the validation farm.
  • Le Chi Thu started this week. He will be working on the validation farm and test automation.

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