Key Points for wider discussion

  • None

Team Highlights

  • Fixed a bug in linaro-media-create that prevented me to build images
  • Started work on proof of concept for scheduler which will provide a simple way to send a test job from web UI via message queue all the way to the Dispatcher
  • Working on device control components for Lava
  • Prototyping with ampq and twisted
  • Upgraded Hudson instance in the Lab to latest version of Jenkins
  • Set up a jenkins job to check for new qemu-linaro commits and perform test rebuilds
  • More testing/debugging on #708883 (panda board shuts down during boot)
  • Looking at proposals for how we might deal with android image testing
  • Weekly qatracker testing on several boards (panda, overo, imx51)

Upcoming Deliverables

  • No immediate milestones due.

Blueprint Milestones

  • No immediate milestones due

Risks / Issues

  • No Project manager currently - Paul taking care of status, meetings, etc. until this is resolved


  • Paul Larson on US holiday Feb 21 (Will probably swap for Wed. Feb 23 instead)

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