Key Points for wider discussion

  • None

Team Highlights

  • Zygmunt and Deepti's latest dashboard changes have been merged. This brings in chart support for the toolchain working group as well as uniform object ownership management.
  • Discussions with outside groups on participation in LAVA development
  • Lab hardware arrived in Cambridge, being worked on this week
  • Talk on LAVA submitted for ELC
  • Weekly/Alpha-2 qatracker testing on several boards

Upcoming Deliverables

  • No immediate milestones due.

Blueprint Milestones

  • No immediate milestones due

Risks / Issues

  • No Project manager currently - Paul taking care of status, meetings, etc. until this is resolved


  • Spring Zhang on leave February 1st - 11th.
  • Paul Larson on US holiday Feb 21
  • Mirsad is still at 50%, will move to alternating days schedule (marked on his calendar)

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