Key Points for wider discussion

  • Discussions with Codethink about Linaro's plans for LAVA.
  • Presented tests and plans for automated validation to the TSC.
  • Good progress with the benchmark visualisation tools. They are at a stage they can be used for some analysis.

Team Highlights

  • Sorted out hardware for expansion of validation lab.
  • Tested the power management tests, and added it to Abrek.
  • Merging branches from Dallas sprint into trunk.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • No immediate milestones due.

Blueprint Milestones

  • No immediate milestones due

Risks / Issues

  • A problem has been highlighted due to branch ownership changing. This has been escalated to a Launchpad sysadmin.


  • Spring Zhang leave February 1st - 11th.
  • Deepti Kalakeri absence 9th February

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