Key Points for wider discussion

  • A demonstration of was delivered.
  • Work on a hudson instance to build QEMU images for different board types.
  • Got the Panda board master image working and documented
  • Investigations into messaging processes to enhance the validation test farm.

Team Highlights

  • A demonstration of (to show the different elements that make up the full images - therefore the components may be updated more regularly) was produced which stimulated additional discussion.
  • Discussions with the Power Management group are ongoing to determine how best to integrate the PM tests into the testing framework.
  • Additional work on authorisation systems in Launch Control.
  • Working on a hudson instance with additional scripts to use LinaroMediaCreate to produce QEMU images for different board types.

  • The Panda board master image (mentioned above) was used on 2 boards for the validation farm in Cambridge.
  • Investigations into messaging processes looked at RabbitMQ and Celery to look to improve the validation test farm.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • No immediate milestones due.

Blueprint Milestones

  • No immediate milestones due

Risks / Issues

  • None to be highlighted.


  • Spring Zhang leave February 1st - 11th.

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