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We want to allow working group members and any other users to have a simple way to visualize the data stored in the system. In this short step we'll provide users with a simple storage for, otherwise mostly standalone HTML pages that can tap into the database using AJAX APIs.

User stories

Torez wants to display available C states across all the boards in the farm for each daily image run. She has a test case that can measure this and some results are already in the database. She also worked on a data view that encapsulates the whole query required to select the things she is interested in. Now she's looking at a way to provide people with a simple URL to a web page that shows this data. With a few lines of javascript she converts the result of the data view into a simple HTML table. Being happy with the result she stores the report file on the dashboard for everyone to see.


Data view AJAX endpoint is implemented.

Very simple thing, at most a few days of work.

Users are fluent in JavaScript and have existing Data Views to work with.


We'll build on the same template we supported for data views. Each report will be loaded from a specific directory (configurable). The reports section will show a simple list (or a tree if feasible) links.


The reports view will be changed to include a list of reports. Each report will render a sub-template with the contents of the report HTML. Only one context variable will be available in that report - the URL of the dashboard to connect to. (perhaps this is not needed, each report could just AJAX to the dashboard host with only the pathname being hard-coded). Reports will not be stored in the database at this point.

UI Changes

Minimal changes to reports template (and view). New view and template for accessing specific report.

Code Changes



We should (in the future) migrate the gcc benchmark report but that is not possible at this stage (no way to save "alterations" of a report -- like different parameters etc) at this stage.

Test/Demo Plan

Demo will be uploaded to as soon as it is ready.

Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

There are some topics to cover in the future:

  • Altering the report directly on the website (small built-in IDE)
  • Storing reports in the database
  • Storing _altered_ reports in the database (take base report, substitute specified parameters, display)

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