Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Wednesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting
[TOPIC] review team work
[TOPIC] Milestone Update (asac)
[TOPIC] progress reports
[PROGRESS REPORT] Graphics WG (Jesse)
[PROGRESS REPORT] Multimedia WG (asac)
[PROGRESS REPORT] Distribution (tgall_foo, kunal)

Agenda Additions

[TOPIC] Your Topic - Your Name

Actions from Last week

 * fgu file bug against linaro-image-tools on proxy problems
 * asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linaro kernel flavours daily
 * tgall to move his specs

Completed Actions from Last week with Status

 * tgall to move his specs
  * Done!


Meeting started at 14:04. The chair is alf_.

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting

  • <alf_> fgu file bug against linaro-image-tools on proxy problems

  • <alf_> fgu: how did that go?

  • <alf_> hmm, perhaps fgu is not actually here, so let's move on:

  • <alf_> asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linaro kernel flavours daily

  • <alf_> neither asac nor kunal are here (public holiday in india)... so let's move on again

  • <alf_> tgall tgall to move his specs

  • <tgall_foo> that's done

  • <alf_> great :)

[TOPIC] review team work

  • <alf_> it has been mostly spec work this week

  • <alf_> tgall_foo: do we have a summary for last week?

  • <tgall_foo> for last week yes ... if you're asking about the summer for this past week's work... no that's not drafted as of yet as far as I know

  • <alf_> ok

  • <alf_> so most specs should be in final review stage right now

  • <alf_> does anyone have any issues or unresolved questions regarding their spec that is blocking them from finishing?

  • <JesseBarker> i've seen a flurry of updates to blueprints, so i assume that means folks have been getting feedback and making progress.

  • <tgall_foo> it looks like we have a number of specs that aren't yet into a Review state

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: do you have a list?

  • <alf_> hmm, it is unfortunate that we have people missing today (due to holiday)

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, I'm looking at : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-wg and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-graphics-wg

  • [ACTION] Tech leads to check the teams specs and push completion

  • <alf_> so let's talk more about this in the wg progress reports

  • <tgall_foo> sounds good

[TOPIC] progress reports [PROGRESS REPORT] Graphics WG (Jesse)

  • <JesseBarker> well, i've sent out my slide deck for the plan announcement to the up mail alias

  • <JesseBarker> i've also asked a couple of other folks for some advance review.

  • <JesseBarker> as i need to submit those slides to the tsc and other tech leads in the next 24 hours, quick review would be helpful.

  • <JesseBarker> on other fronts, i've begun a dialog with martin of kwin, but no response.

  • <jazh> JesseBarker: when/where can we get your slides? ;)

  • <tgall_foo> more generally if you haven't been listening in to the plan reviews it's a good idea just to see what other teams are doing : https://wiki.linaro.org/Releases/1105/PublicPlanReview

  • <JesseBarker> jazh: should be in your mailbox in pdf form

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: thanks for the pointer.

  • <jazh> JesseBarker: that's great, thanks

  • [ACTION] All (especially gfx wg members) to check Jesse's slides

  • >JesseBarker< wasn't directed at you but more for everyone in the room .. I know you've been attending :-)

  • <JesseBarker> i've also been discussing our upstream plans with the DRM maintainer, though, i must admit, his stance is a little disconcerting.

  • <tgall_foo> could you elaborate a bit on that ?

  • <JesseBarker> aside from that, i think it's been specs and blueprints all the way around.

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: you mean on the DRM maintainer's stance?

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, yes

  • <JesseBarker> well, it seems as though he's holding firm on the idea that vendors must either release all of their user space code that talks to the kernel space code they release.

  • <JesseBarker> and in addition, they must provide security specs and full API coverage between the kernel and user space pieces.

  • <JesseBarker> or, provide enough hardware specs that someone else can write a driver.

  • <tgall_foo> mmm I see where that would be troubling

  • <JesseBarker> no one really does that at present, so i'm not sure how this model actually works in the real world.

  • <JesseBarker> intel and amd provide enough specs for you to get pixels on the screen, but not enough to write a driver you could use in production.

  • <JesseBarker> no one releases their complete sources.

  • <tgall_foo> yeah that position on his part in my opinion needs a bit of a reality check

  • <JesseBarker> so, again, i'm trying to figure out whom this model works for (apart from him personally).

  • <JesseBarker> alf_: i think that's it for graphics wg.

  • <alf_> JesseBarker: Any issues with specs?

  • <JesseBarker> none that i'm aware of. unless i hear differently, folks are making progress, and updating specs and blueprints according to the planning.

  • <JesseBarker> and i've just updated the remaining blueprints that are planned for this cycle as "review".

  • <alf_> Well, I am finished...

  • <alf_> jazh: anything remaining?

  • <jazh> alf_: I also just removed my blueprints to review

  • <alf_> JesseBarker: ok, thanks for the update!

  • <alf_> great then, moving on!

[PROGRESS REPORT] Multimedia WG (asac)

  • <alf_> asac is not here, and neither is the vast majority of the team so moving on again

  • <alf_> unless someone wants to add something

[PROGRESS REPORT] Distribution (tgall_foo, kunal)

  • <tgall_foo> not much to report given where we are in the natty cycle... still waiting on slangasek on the linaro-development seed that I pushed forward for review

  • <tgall_foo> that multimedia and graphics wg seeds will be based on that unless slangasek and JamieBennett change course on the matter

  • <tgall_foo> that's all I have .. any questions ?

  • <alf_> do you have a link for the seed?

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: i'm presenting that model of the graphics seed at the planning talk, so they will have a chance to comment then as well.

  • <tgall_foo> alf_, https://code.launchpad.net/~tom-gall/linaro-seeds/linaro.natty-add-linaro-development/+merge/40587

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, sounds good, thanks!

  • <alf_> tgall_foo: thanks

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, I don't anticipate it to be really controversial ... linaro-development adds about 100Meg (compressed) to the image size which for images with graphical interfaces isn't too bad

  • <alf_> good... finally:


  • <JesseBarker> fyi, it's been posted on linaro leaves for a while, but i'm on holiday with family all next week.

  • <alf_> JesseBarker: good, have fun ;)

  • <tgall_foo> yeah Thurs/Fri is a holiday here in the US

  • <tgall_foo> (well Friday isn't officially but many take it off)

  • <jazh> JesseBarker, tgall_foo: enjoy your holidays ;)

  • <tgall_foo> anyway ... I have Ogre3d built on arm using their most recent code ... compiled for quite a long time so shall start testing it this morning

  • <alf_> I guess that's it then...

Meeting finished at 14:37.


 * Tech leads to check the teams specs and push completion
 * All (especially gfx wg members) to check Jesse's slides

Team Work - Summary

Team summary goes here : https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/UserPlatforms/WeeklyReport

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Summary: Finished spec work
  • Cairo spec
    • Finished spec, extracted work items. Ready for final review.
    • Contacted upstream about goals and plans and got feedback.
  • Graphics benchmark spec
    • Finished spec, extracted work items. Ready for final review.
  • Updated clutter and mutter packages with EGL TFP related patches (ppa:asac/armel1).
  • Pushed texture_from_pixmap_glesv2 EGL TFP example to upstream mesa-demos (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31630).

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

Frederick Gueydon (fgu)

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

Kan Hu (Kan)

Kunal Goel (kunal)

  • Study on debian packaging
  • omxil bellagio packaging under progress

Li Jian (jian)

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

  • Summary: Modified, Built and Run Generic version (No SIMD) of Libjpeg-turbo Code.
  • Wrote first draft for JPEG decoder optimization blueprint.
  • Downloaded latest development version of libjpeg-turbo source on PC. Compiled and benchmarked code on PC (100 Mpixel per second).
  • Modified code to disable all Intel SIMD instructions and benchmarked again (27 Mpixel per second)). Confirmed 4 times improvement.
  • Studied code to understand acceleration infrastructure.

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

[Summary]: Blue print for VP8 decoder and vp6 decoder sent for review,Bulinding and running ffmpeg setup

Blue print for VP8 decoder optmization updated with Workitems,sent for review and some review comments incorporated in document. Blue print for VP6 decoder optmization updated with Workitems and sent for review and some review comments incorporated in document. Reading VP8 specification document. Doing comparative evaluation of ffmpeg vp8 decoder and google's vp8.Buling and running with ffmpeg setup.Trying to extract performance figures.

Sachin Gupta (Sachin)

  • Finished spec on camerabin standardisation , GstOmx zerocopy consolidation , xorg-DRI2 consolidation

  • Studying Empathy video chat application to check if camera bin can be used

Sudip Jain (sudipj)

Tom Gall (tgall_foo)

  • connected with mpoirier who has similar interests in a linaro n900 image
  • investigating development version of ogre does have GLES2 (~3 hr build on arm)
  • investigated yofrankie and created Blueprint for yofrankie to be ported to GLES2 as a demo by the community
  • some updates to the linaro-m-multimedia-seeds for natty specification

Vishal Raj (vraj)

  • completed the spec on validation suite, bellagio core and instrumented video player

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