Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Wednesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting
[TOPIC] review team work
[TOPIC] Milestone Update (asac)
[TOPIC] progress reports
[PROGRESS REPORT] Graphics WG (Jesse)
[PROGRESS REPORT] Multimedia WG (asac)
[PROGRESS REPORT] Distribution (tgall_foo, kunal)

Agenda Additions

[TOPIC] Conference Calls Guidelines
[TOPIC] Release!!

Actions from Last week

 * fgu to submit l-m-c support for ux500 by EOD and asac to get someone review that and land
 * fgu and asac to discuss proxy problems with l-m-c
 * asac and fgu to decide what to do for kernel this cycle
 * gsachin to document current/hacky zero copy apporach in multimedia spec
 * asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linao kernel flavours daily
 * asac to follow up with scottb on status of multimedia codec re-distribution discussion
 * vishalr to investigate what it takes to get 1080p mpeg4
 * vishalr to try to compile mm codecs with linaro toolchain
 * JamieBennett to disable special headless builds and get them moved to old/ or something on our snapshots.linaro.org host

Completed Actions from Last week with Status

 * fgu to investigate auto probing of usb ethernet 
  * Done with latest hwpack ok (usbnet is included in the kernel)
 * fgu to try unity with GLES2 stack from ppa:asac/armel1. 
  * fgu thinks this one will be postponed for now.
 * fgu and sudipj_ to investigate linaro uboot touchscreen breakage on href8500. 
  * uboot, some fixes are in progress. uboot binary from linaro-uboot-stable is ok. uboot next still some issues.
  * for the touchscreen, I think part of the fix is on the xorg side. I have not checked this point again since some weeks now.
 * asac to follow up with tgall_foo on how to draft executive summary of team
  * Done. Summary goes to https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/UserPlatforms/WeeklyReport due by EOD Wednesday
 * asac to update meeting template according to new agenda/structure
  * Done


Meeting started at 14:04. The chair is asac.

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting

  • <asac> innovation here is that we now allow folks to move their items to the "Completed" actions block

  • <asac> in this way we save time ... thanks tgall_foo coming up with this idea

  • <asac> everyone to do this from next week on when entering his status report

  • <asac> * fgu to submit l-m-c support for ux500 by EOD and asac to get someone review that and land

  • <asac> -> DONE

  • <asac> * fgu and asac to discuss proxy problems with l-m-c

  • <asac> -> DONE, but not landed i think

  • <asac> we will have to do this as an SRU

  • <asac> fgu: did you file a bug on this?

  • * asac thinks so
  • <asac> * asac and fgu to decide what to do for kernel this cycle

  • <asac> -> kind of done. we decided to get an update in after release

  • <fgu> asac: no bug fill for the moment on sudo -E stuff.

  • <asac> fgu: hmm. we definitly need one if we want this as SRU ....

  • <fgu> asac: ok. will fill one then.

  • [ACTION] fgu file bug against linaro-image-tools on proxy problems

  • <asac> * gsachin to document current/hacky zero copy apporach in multimedia spec

  • <asac> -> i think this was done ... can you ack gsachin_ ?

  • <gsachin_> that was done as part of uds specs

  • <gsachin_> yes it was done

  • <asac> * asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linao kernel flavours daily

  • <asac> -> carry forward

  • [ACTION] asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linaro kernel flavours daily

  • <asac> (my fault)

  • <asac> * asac to follow up with scottb on status of multimedia codec re-distribution discussion

  • <asac> -> this was done ... we talked about this today and scottb will follow up with moderate-high priority on this

  • <asac> * vishalr to investigate what it takes to get 1080p mpeg4

  • <asac> -> isnt this an old action?

  • <asac> vishal is not here ... tgall_foo, can you follow up on email for both vraj actions to find out status? (CC me and rajeev i guess)

  • <rajeev> vishal can u pl. tell what is the issue for mpeg4 1080p

  • <tgall_foo> asac, sure

  • <rajeev> there r issue at lower layer

  • <asac> rajeev: vishal isnt here ;)

  • <rajeev> means, fw for mpeg4 1080p not working

  • <asac> rajeev: right. its not urgent, so lets get that answered for next week ;)

  • <asac> ah right

  • <asac> so its firmware ... ok. is there a plan forward?

  • <asac> rajeev: ? do you know?

  • <tgall_foo> rajeev, fw == firmware ?

  • <rajeev> this issue is linekd to Firmware for mpeg4

  • <rajeev> yes

  • <rajeev> STE other program does not need it

  • <asac> ok so that has low priority atm

  • <rajeev> therefore, team working on this do not work on this

  • <gsachin_> yes 1080p is only planned to be supported with h264

  • <rajeev> yes

  • <rajeev> yes

  • <asac> ok ... but h264 is underway? e.g. its doable hardware wise?

  • <rajeev> for h.264 1080p sis possible

  • <rajeev> yes

  • <asac> sounds good ... lets keep an eye on this.

  • <rajeev> no issue from hw

  • <rajeev> it is feasible for h.264 1080p

  • <asac> good

  • <rajeev> visal can make it work

  • <rajeev> yes

  • <asac> last action was:

  • <asac> * JamieBennett to disable special headless builds and get them moved to old/ or something on our snapshots.linaro.org host

  • <asac> -> that was done a while back

  • <JamieBennett> right

  • <asac> (even though those build got completely removed and not moved to old/)

  • <asac> but thats fine because we never did an official release

[TOPIC] review team work

  • <asac> so outstanding achievement this week clearly goes to alf for:

  • <asac> [Summary] Added proper clutter 1.2 EGL tfp support so that we now have mutter/unity running with TFP on GLES2.0!

  • <asac> this allows us to call this big success!!

  • <JesseBarker> do you mean image_pixmap

  • <alf_> yes

  • <JesseBarker> cool!

  • <asac> thanks to the restless efforts of jazh and alf, we managed to get unity ported and working for mesa GLES (it never worked for GL!!), omap4 and imx51

  • <asac> also we coordinated to get a extension in the omap4 drivers and managed to hook this up and get this working now!!

  • <asac> its not perfect, but more than we had hoped for when we started this cycle

  • <alf_> and of course unity ditched mutter/clutter for compiz now :D

  • <asac> other news we should put in summary is:

  • <asac> * Got ux500 support landed in l-m-c

  • <asac> (ux500 now works out of box)

  • <asac> alf_: thats something not in our control!

  • <JesseBarker> alf_: just wait for wayland

  • <alf_> LOL

  • <asac> * first multimedia spec submitted for review (vp8)

  • <asac> * work started on a linaro N900 hwpack (tgall)

  • <asac> anything else to highlight?

  • <asac> btw, i think we can do better submitting our weekly status reports

  • <asac> if you look at the current page lots of slots are still empty

  • <asac> please do this before the meeting in future, so we can review your work and take good stuff to management summary

  • <tgall_foo> asac, for your meetings you need status complete by end of day Wednesday ?

  • <asac> well ... that was in the past, so i am not that angry, but since we want to extract the executive summary now _during_ meeting (in this topic), i think we need it before meeting now

  • <asac> makes sense?

  • <asac> tgall_foo: so maybe remind me tonight to look if there are other points that deserve highlight in executive summary

  • <tgall_foo> asac, oki@

  • <asac> @everyone: feel free to suggest something offline that i cant see on your not-yet-submitted status yet ;)

[TOPIC] Milestone Update (asac)

  • <asac> i think we can skip that. just that we can mark unity and test-and-ui heads specs now as complete!!!

  • <asac> maybe worth telling as its related that TSC is currently pushing back on our late review date for MM planning

  • <asac> i am trying to prevent this, but there is likelyhood we need to finish specs by wednesday next week

  • <asac> so lets see how much we can get done by then

[TOPIC] progress reports [PROGRESS REPORT] Graphics WG (Jesse)

  • <asac> anything to report at this time? (guess planning, discussion, planning ;))

  • <JesseBarker> We have several specs out for review (cairo gles backend, skia runtime NEON detection, benchmarking)

  • <asac> cool ... thats good progress ;)

  • <asac> how many are still drafting?

  • <JesseBarker> We will need to have a couple more nailed down by next week

  • <asac> tgall_foo: add those specs to the "first specs reached review stage" summary item from above i guess

  • <JesseBarker> we need a draft of the xorg integration and probably something coherent on the GLES/GL runtime collision proxy library

  • <asac> yeah. thats interesting topic indeed

  • <JesseBarker> i think those are both reasonable for next week. especially as our public plan call is next friday.

  • <gsachin_> I will try to finish xorg integration by weekend

  • <JesseBarker> gsachin_: good news, did you get the version info i sent?

  • <jazh> Jesse, which blueprint shall we use for the proxy library?

  • <asac> JesseBarker: right. we discussed to have a graphics planning call similar to the multimedia call yesterday, right

  • <asac> did we decide on time and date and i failed to set it up?

  • <asac> jazh: most likely we should make a separate blueprint that is then feeding into the "gles auto backend specs" we work on this cycle

  • <asac> (most likely qt for now)

  • <JesseBarker> jazh: we were going to use the Qt bluepring, but I'm not sure it makes sense

  • <asac> jazh: but its JesseBarker call ... we can put it also in qt blueprint for now

  • <asac> i think we can draft the bits now and then decide whether it deserves a standalone blueprint

  • <asac> good?=

  • <jazh> ok, I see

  • <asac> so graphics WG planning call ... tomorrow same time as the X-vendor call on monday?

  • <asac> i think thats the best compromise we have with both jesse and jazh on the team ;)

  • <JesseBarker> i think that's it for Graphics WG for now. We need to have a planning call or two before the public plan call.

  • <JesseBarker> asac: sure, it makes my alarm programming easier that way ;-)

  • <asac> JesseBarker: i created the event on linaro events calendar

  • <asac> JesseBarker: please add those that should be there (you should be able to edit that event)

  • <asac> thanks

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, I'd like to attend for the graphical head

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: you are more than welcome, I'll add you

[PROGRESS REPORT] Multimedia WG (asac)

  • <asac> multimedia WG is making progress ... we did two planning calls already and i think we are moving in the right direction

  • <asac> of course a bit late as lots of team members had off last week (and some even this week) and everyone on that team is kind of first time going through

  • <asac> anyway, vp8 spec was submitted and there is progress on most others

  • <asac> pulseaudio is kind of stuck because mandeep is still on vacation till end of week. i hope we can get this catch up early next week though

  • <asac> besides from that not much to report (all: drafting etc)

  • <asac> questions?

  • <tgall_foo> this can be answered offline... I know dot is being used to generated the dependency graphcs in the blueprints ... but how do you attach the actual graph to the blueprint ?

  • <asac> (for vp8 we will mostly focus on adding smp support ... and maybe just a bit of NEON optimization. but seems that NEON is quite good for vp8 in ffmpeg, so multi-core is what we do now ;))

  • <asac> tgall_foo: you dont do that ... you can add "dependencies"

  • <asac> there is a button

  • <asac> then it will auto create the graph

  • <tgall_foo> ahhh

  • <asac> if you reference blueprints from other launchpad projects, just use the full blueprint url to add that as dependency

[PROGRESS REPORT] Distribution (tgall_foo, kunal)

  • <asac> tgall_foo: anything to update?

  • <asac> status on our release head images maybe ;)?

  • <tgall_foo> plenty of activity with the RCs ... lots of people participating from the results in qatracker

  • <asac> is that going well? qatrackker not overflowing with bogs ;)

  • <asac> great!

  • <fgu> plasma is so slow

  • <fgu> netbook-efl fine

  • <asac> yeah

  • <tgall_foo> there's still some issues out there ... but the bug counts are down

  • <fgu> but both are locking the screen after some min.

  • <asac> tgall_foo: i guess we didnt come to set raster as env variable for plasma?

  • <fgu> and without a proper touchscreen....

  • <tgall_foo> asac, we did

  • <asac> fgu: by forcing raster backend for plasma it should be a bit faster

  • <tgall_foo> asac, but it's still quite slow

  • <asac> but relieve will only come once we have a) drivers and b) qt with GLES backend

  • <asac> tgall_foo: ok good. thats all we could do this cycle

  • <asac> tgall_foo: are you monitoring the ubuntu spec about GLESifying the armel archive? would you take that task so we can escalate if they drop the ball on this?

  • <tgall_foo> I think that's pretty much the high point of things ... for those interested in really small images, see the post to the list I made from this past weekend about an 82 Meg installed headless

  • <asac> i dont want to be in a situation where we still have GL backend for Qt end of next cycle ;)

  • <tgall_foo> asac, sure I can do that

  • <asac> tgall_foo: do you know the spec name? check with rsalveti to get that and to see how things go

  • <tgall_foo> ok.... I'll talk to rsalveti about that

  • <asac> tgall_foo: this size thing feels awesome

  • <JesseBarker> i'm subscribe to that one as well

  • <asac> good. 6 eyes are better than just me - the blind man - i guess ;)

  • <asac> tgall_foo: so do you also own a spec on foundations team for the small image?

  • <asac> or should we make a "alip2" spec?

  • * asac lost track on that
  • <tgall_foo> asac, I think that needs to be decided ...

  • <tgall_foo> asac, at the moment I have it uploaded to a branch

  • <JesseBarker> [LINK] https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/multimedia-arm-gles-in-ubuntu

  • <asac> i wouldnt have a problem to host it in our group if needed

  • <asac> (the small image spec)

  • <asac> but lets see

  • <asac> tgall_foo: did you get answers on your mail?

  • <asac> thanks JesseBarker ... thats the glesify ubuntu spec for armel!

  • <tgall_foo> asac, no I didn't but it's ok ... I'm sure I can figure it out

  • <asac> tgall_foo: whats the size of the unpacked alip image this cycle?

  • <asac> tgall_foo: thats a shame imo ... but ok. lets embrace it here for now ... i would think you should just speccing this out and then we see who will host it

  • <tgall_foo> asac, sounds good

  • <asac> great. another spec for tgall ;) ... also we should make a n900 spec i think and declare that a community spec imo

  • <asac> since landing teams wont cover that

  • <JesseBarker> tgall_foo: ppearse is a good contact for alip considerations

  • <tgall_foo> yes that sounds good :-)

  • <asac> we know ppearse ;)

  • <tgall_foo> JesseBarker, yes ppearse and I have been chatting about that for some time

  • <asac> ok great. anything else from you on platform tgall_foo ?

  • <tgall_foo> no let's move on

  • <asac> kunal_: anything you want to add?

  • <kunal_> started testing different images on ux500

  • <kunal_> today tested alip and headless

  • <kunal_> in case of alip due to no touch not able to test much

  • <fgu> synergy can help you ;o)

  • <asac> ok great. thanks for the quick respons and help on testing that platform ... and yes, try synergy as fgu suggested and let me know

  • <kunal_> but doing sanity test as if now

  • <asac> i was not brave enough on my own (and yes, thats lame from me)

  • <kunal_> ya sure

  • <asac> ok thanks

  • <tgall_foo> kunal_, if there's packages you need please let me know and we'll get them added

  • <tgall_foo> kunal_, touch support is an area that needs some care and feeding

  • <kunal_> ok

  • <asac> kunal_: so to give you some mission on 11.05, i envision that you will help tgall getting all the working group trees and software needed on the multimedia image and graphics WG images

  • <asac> this involves doing packaging, daily builds, but also image engineering etc.

  • <kunal_> ya i'll happy to do that

  • <asac> tgall_foo and alf_ (as the master of packaging) are your liasons to work with there

  • <asac> great ... also we have to discuss our meego story for 11.05 ... but i need to do some political work first there

  • <asac> so besides keeping up the good work you did so far, just continue to do the same :)

  • * tgall_foo has some thoughts there .. but better for another time
  • <kunal_> thanks

[TOPIC] Conference Calls Guidelines

  • <Mootbot-UK> New Topic: Conference Calls Guidelines

  • <asac> so since the calls become less professional with people joining late, not popping up at all, i thought about it and drafted with help of alf and michaelh some guidlines

  • <asac> [LINK] https://wiki.linaro.org/Middleware/PublicConferenceCallGuidelines

  • <asac> happy to get your feedback on those

  • <asac> of course read them and if you dont disagree obey them ;)

  • <asac> corner points:

  • <asac> 1. be on time

  • <asac> 2. announce yourself

  • <asac> 3. say your name when speaking

  • <asac> once this ran through more folks and tech leads we will probably make it more or less general linaro policy

  • <asac> but lets see

[TOPIC] Release!!

  • <asac> so as you know tomorrow there will be the first ever release

  • <asac> of linaro (in public)

  • <asac> i think it was a hectic, but exciting cycle .... we started with just a handful of engineers doing the planning for 10.11 and grew to an organization of about 70 engineers

  • <asac> obviously that causes problems and i think you probably feel it on your side ...

  • <asac> for instance joining a well established team is often easier, as you can easier learn from existing processes and so on

  • <asac> but in general i think we did a good job

  • <asac> but now that we have a release i would like everyone to take a step back, and reflect on what we do and give me feedback on what you really didnt like, what you liked ... and where you think our current approach could be improved

  • <asac> thanks for taking a few minutes time to do that and send to me ... be honest about critique (even though it might be caused due to miscommunication induced by the massive ramp up of engineers)

  • <asac> but also try to include what you think is positive ... so we can strengthen those points ... and maybe since you are still new write up the hopes and visions you have for linaro and especially our team ;)

  • <asac> thanks for that

  • <asac> you can send me stuff in private ... i will keep this anonymous ;)

  • <asac> so lets get the 11.05 out and make it a success

  • * asac stops talking now ;)


  • <asac> anything else?

  • <asac> or questions?

  • <tgall_foo> I've got a linaro-development meta package put together... I'll put that into the User Platform overlay a little later today

  • <tgall_foo> great way to auto install everything from debian packaging tools to profiling to tracing to debugs all in one go

  • <asac> good. is that part of foundation developer tools spec?

  • <asac> tgall_foo: did you add that to seed?

  • <tgall_foo> asac, yes I did ... tho I need to work through JamieBennett / slangasek so hopefully they might accept it

  • <asac> i think i created a empty development seed at some point ... not sure if that got removed in a cleanin effort

  • <asac> tgall_foo: but great. thanks for taking this step

  • <asac> let me know how things are going with jb and sl

  • <asac> ;)

  • <tgall_foo> Multimedia WG: I do need input on packages that should be in the multimedia seed ... I think the Spec is a bit light yet https://wiki.linaro.org/Specs/N/LinaroSeedsForMultimediaWG1105

  • <asac> yep

  • <asac> this is supposed to come out of the individual specs ...

  • <asac> we added a point to alf_'s spec FAQ ... that asks for explicitly documenting platform/image requirements for a spec

  • <asac> tgall_foo: the graphics WG spec is better?

  • <asac> e.g. you have more input there?

  • <tgall_foo> asac, I think so ... got some great input from JesseBarker and I was able to get lots of good info from the various graphical specs

  • <tgall_foo> obviously review will test if I am right or not

  • <asac> heh

  • <asac> good news

  • <asac> tgall_foo: do you have link to that spec?

  • <asac> tgall_foo: why did you put your spec in /Specs/N/ ?

  • <tgall_foo> https://wiki.linaro.org/Specs/N/LinaroSeedsForGraphicsWG1105

  • <asac> tgall_foo: we have MM/Specs/1105 and Graphics/Specs/1105 and UP/Specs/1105 to choose from ;)

  • <tgall_foo> asac, heh ... well I guess i should move them then!

  • <asac> [LINK] https://wiki.linaro.org/Specs/N/LinaroSeedsForMultimediaWG1105

  • <asac> [LINK] https://wiki.linaro.org/Specs/N/LinaroSeedsForGraphicsWG1105

  • <asac> tgall_foo: yeah ;)

  • [ACTION] tgall to move his specs

  • <asac> ok ... anything else? or questions?

  • <asac> ok a bit overrun,but thats ok i guess ...

  • Meeting finished at 15:07.


 * fgu file bug against linaro-image-tools on proxy problems
 * asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linaro kernel flavours daily

 * tgall to move his specs

Team Work - Summary

Team summary goes here : https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/UserPlatforms/WeeklyReport

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

Talk with Wim Taymans (Gstreamer lead architect) about new base class GstBufferPool which could help us gst-openmax implementation. GstBufferPool usages examples will be in v4l2src and x[v]imagesink. hwmem is only in x500 kernel tree and not in -stable or -next trees: need a action from asac to get more info about this.

Frederick Gueydon (fgu)

  • Got ux500 support in l-m-c thanks to asac
  • Got usbnet, ext4, btrfs support for ux500 hwpacks since last friday, thanks to jcrigby.
  • Still uboot next problem for ux500. uboot 2010.09 is fine.
  • Some linaro images testing.
  • Stil waiting for a proper .35 available.
  • Mails exchange with lool & linus about kernelconfigpolicy. Will have to update the wiki page.

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

Kan Hu (Kan)

Kunal Goel (kunal)

  • Image testing on ux500
  • Vacation last week

Li Jian (jian)

Mandeep Kumar (mandk)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

[Summary]: Blue print for VP8 decoder optmisation updated with Workitems,Spec for VP8 sent for review.

  • Blue print for VP8 decoder optmization updated with Workitems and sent for review.
  • Spec for VP8 sent for review.
  • Reading VP8 specification document.
  • Review of open source ffmpeg vp8 decoder.
  • Meeting and discussion with enginner already working on vp8.

Sachin Gupta (Sachin)

  • Blue print for gstreamer zero copy , camera bin standardisation, DRI2 before UDS
  • Discussion and working on finalisation of blueprints and specs after UDS

Sudip Jain (sudipj)

  • Study capture of system metric data and direct to perf tool for annotating with multimedia data gathered (like fps, frame skipped)
  • prepare spec for the above suite

Tom Gall (tgall_foo)

  • Summary : prototype linaro-development head created, Multimedia and Graphics head blueprints ready for review
  • Put together prototype linaro-development head
  • Put together a smaller linaro-headless that can fit in 82 Meg
  • Multimedia and Graphics blueprints more or less ready for review
  • Starting to put together N900 hwpack (tho stuck on how to build your own hwpack)

Vishal Raj (vraj)

  • Multimedia pack got cimpiled with Linaro tool chain
  • video playback hangs after loading mpeg-4 h/w decoder compiled with linaro tool chain
  • preparing spec for video playback validation suite

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