• Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Wednesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting
[TOPIC] review team work
[TOPIC] Milestone Update (asac)
[TOPIC] progress reports
[PROGRESS] Graphics WG progress (Jesse)
[PROGRESS] Multimedia WG progress (asac)
[PROGRESS] Distribution progress (tom_gall, kunal)

Agenda Additions

[TOPIC] new agenda (asac)
[TOPIC] Spec drafting: timeline, guidelines (asac)

actions from last meeting

  • [ACTION] fgu to investigate auto probing of usb ethernet

  • [ACTION] JamieBennett to disable special headless builds and get them moved to old/ or something on our snapshots.linaro.org host

  • [ACTION] asac to get packaging training session going during UDS

  • [ACTION] fgu to test the initrd l-m-c changes and get those landed before EOW

  • [ACTION] fgu to try unity with GLES2 stack from ppa:asac/armel1

  • [ACTION] fgu and sudipj_ to investigate linaro uboot touchscreen breakage on href8500 ... talk to jcrigby and michael brandt

  • [ACTION] vishalr to try to compile mm codecs with linaro toolchain

  • [ACTION] alf and asac to get work items to zero before UDS

  • [ACTION] asac to follow up with scottb on status of multimedia codec re-distribution discussion

  • [ACTION] vishalr to investigate what it takes to get 1080p mpeg4

  • [ACTION] gsachin to document current/hacky zero copy apporach in multimedia spec

  • [ACTION] asac and kunal to work on way to autobuild all linao kernel flavours daily


[TOPIC] welcome new starters

  • <asac> so welcome Jian who joined us in multimedia to work on gstreamer/omax/codecs (not here as mentioned above)

[TOPIC] new agenda (asac)

  • <asac> the idea is to discuss progress on the high level topics and go in depth as needed

  • <asac> each PROGRESS report could also have subtopics if WG lead thinks its worthwhile and if we find ourselve talking about same topic regularly

  • <asac> any comments from those attending?

  • <alf_> are progress reports for individuals?

  • <asac> atm they are about WG like topic sets. the ones owning each should expand that as needed (and extend standing agenda)

  • <asac> so if this cycle we work on cairo backend and want a standing item for that it could live in that report

  • <asac> [VOTE] for new standing agenda

  • <Mootbot-UK> Final result is 5 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 5

  • [ACTION] asac to update meeting template according to new agenda/structure

[TOPIC] review team work

[TOPIC] Milestone Update (asac)

  • <asac> nothing to say here

  • <asac> release is happening next week!!!

  • <asac> please test till your hands are bleeding ;)

  • <asac> also if something needs to be done for release still. now is the time to speak up

  • <asac> fgu: i wonder if we could roll a new meego kernel drop ...

  • <asac> ;)

  • <fgu> that's the idea

  • <asac> right. its blocking our multimedia work somehow

  • <fgu> I am following a possible 2.6.35 arrival...

  • <asac> and maverick will not go away as development base until next cycle archive stabilizes a bit

  • <fgu> but still hard to say when then.

  • <asac> and just pulling latest git head now?

  • <asac_> and then rolling .35 as a SRU like update

  • <asac_> (once it arrives)

  • <asac_> i just would like the hwpack for final to have something useful

  • <fgu> hwpack and linaro-media-create script are ko on my side...

  • <asac> ko?

  • <fgu> as now, there is no more headless-ux500...

  • <asac> or ok?

  • <fgu> KO

  • <fgu> no http_proxy in the chroot....

  • <fgu> devio, flash-kernel dependencies...

  • <asac> hmm

  • <asac> fgu: but general ux500 support is there, right?

  • <asac> in l-m-c that is?

  • <fgu> the hwpack seems ok.

  • <fgu> but there is additional packages...

  • <fgu> like devio, flash-kernel needed

  • <fgu> and as the proxy settings are not there.

  • <asac> man ... ux500 hasnt landed yet?

  • <asac> in l-m-c?

  • <fgu> the script stop

  • <fgu> l-m-c + hwpack is mandatory now.

  • <asac> yes

  • <asac> but why is there no ux500 code at all yet

  • <asac> that should have been landed long ago :/

  • <fgu> the linux-image ux500 are there

  • <fgu> in the hwpack.

  • <asac> linaro-media-create has no ux500 support

  • <fgu> I have added it

  • <asac> where? its not here afaict

  • <fgu> no commit on this

  • <asac> please get that landed today

  • <asac> commit ... push ask for review

  • <fgu> i don't think, the ux500 is the issue.

  • <fgu> it's more in the linare-hwpack-install

  • <fgu> linaro-hwpack-install script.

  • <asac> well. first linaro-media-create is a prerequisite

  • <asac> there is no support yet

  • <asac> please submit that ... then we can try and help

  • <fgu> yes but the issue is related to proxy stuff..in linaro-hwpack-install

  • <asac> i dont care

  • <asac> the script can land even with that bug

  • <asac> the proxy issue can be dealt independent really

  • <asac> we shouldnt block on that

  • <fgu> as you like.

  • <asac> cool. and sorry. i just assumed this landed long ago or you would have escalated it

  • * asac will be more explicit next time
  • <asac> fgu: for proxy we need to copy apt.conf i guess

  • <asac> but lets talk about that later

  • [ACTION] fgu to submit l-m-c support for ux500 by EOD and asac to get someone review that and land

  • [ACTION] fgu and asac to discuss proxy problems with l-m-c

  • <asac> ok back to kernel drop ;)

  • <asac> fgu: so we can either land something from master now ... and update when .35 is out

  • <fgu> you will have maybe more news than me...from the landing teams ?

  • <asac> or we can wait for .35

  • <asac> fgu: landing team is currently created ... we have to do a clean hand over on this - which didnt happen

  • <asac> so its kind of our topic for the 10.11 release (and first update round) i would assume

  • <fgu> "clean hand over" will not happen I think.

  • <asac> how is that?

  • <fgu> the .35 I have just received as no fb, no config_net.....

  • <asac> hmm. dejavu?

  • <asac> anyway ... lets continue and discuss kernel drop offline

  • <fgu> yes.

  • [ACTION] asac and fgu to decide what to do for kernel this cycle]

[TOPIC] progress reports

[PROGRESS REPORT] Graphics WG progress (Jesse)

  • <JesseBarker> quick summary:

  • <JesseBarker> skia runtime NEON detection

  • <JesseBarker> cairo OpenGL ES backend

  • <JesseBarker> we also have an initial drop of the mali x11 driver from arm

  • <JesseBarker> asac and i will be working out details of getting that setup in a git repo

  • <JesseBarker> there are many details to be worked out there for the kernel pieces, but the x11 piece should be okay

  • <JesseBarker> asac: did i miss anything?

  • <asac> right ... i think that needs some research before we can say what we will do on x11 now

  • <asac> i plan also take a look ... but will also try to get the xorg code from ste now that its out!

  • <asac> so we can see if they did anything on blitter and how that was done

  • <asac> JesseBarker: i think qt backend selection topic was left out

  • <asac> and along the line the new topic "linaro gl glew for backend protection" ;)

  • <asac> glue

  • <JesseBarker> right, we will be looking into backend selection for qt, but they require a _complete_ solution

  • <JesseBarker> yes, the glew-like mechanism would be required for qt to be happy, i think

  • <JesseBarker> and it would help other toolkits as well

  • <asac> yes, i already experimented a bit ... and it should work with RTLD_DEEPBIND

  • <asac> i might do the glue if i feel the thrill ... but the work like making qt able to select at runtime falls on jammys plate i guess (which i think he said is doable in theory)

  • <JesseBarker> this is non-trivial, but i have initially pushed khronos to decide how they believe this should work

  • <asac> i tried using some pragma/compiler attributes but that was not enough magic

  • <JesseBarker> i'm not surprised.

  • <asac> but deepbind worked well

  • <JesseBarker> in general, this will be more of an issue from here on out. nvidia and amd either already are or soon will be shipping desktop GL along side ES

  • <asac> yeah

  • <asac> lets solve this in one way or the other.

[PROGRESS REPORT] Multimedia WG progress (asac)

  • <asac> so on multimedia planning revealed that

  • <asac> * we will do some software codec optimization either in form on NEON or smp

  • <asac> * we will get linaro gstreamer-omax branch where we will work to integrate at least one partner support :-P

  • <asac> * we will work on a perf based tool to gather metrics interactively or as part of a test suite that will be reusable by graphics WG too

  • <asac> this involves investigation and implementation of how to best annotate perf events/streams

  • <asac> * pulseaudio low-power work will involve tuning buffers to allow longer low-power mode periods while playing back audio

  • <asac> * we will add support camerabin to at least one application or camera library on the desktop

  • <asac> * we will get some free test content for multimedia video and audio out ... graphics WG might do something similar with traces iirc

  • <asac> thats it i guess ... hope i didnt forget anything

  • <asac> anyway. not much to say here. lets hope landing teams get us all the codecs so we get a fully enabled platform soon (both for graphics and MM)

[PROGRESS REPORT] Distribution progress (tom_gall, kunal)

  • <tgall_foo> The 10.11 RC candidate is available

  • <tgall_foo> according to the qa tracker 3 bugs are identified in the qa tracker ... 2 of them have been around for awhile

  • <tgall_foo> corrupted text on the cons and the tty not starting up

  • <ubot2> Launchpad bug 627779 in linux-linaro (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "corrupted text on console when deleting text (affects: 3) (heat: 79)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/627779

  • <ubot2> Launchpad bug 652221 in upstart (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Headless on beagle, beagle XM, does not boot into tty (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/652221

  • <tgall_foo> the RC only includes headless not the other seeds ... FYI

  • <asac> do you know if we moved to linaro-overlay? or are we still shipping chessy-overlay?

  • <tgall_foo> there's a bug opened saying it should have been moved over to linaro-overlay .. so that appears to not have happened in the RC build

  • <ubot2> Launchpad bug 665077 in linaro "use linaro-overlay* instead of chessy-overlay for 10.11 release (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/665077

  • <asac> slangasek: can you get someone to make use linaro-overlay instead of chessy-overlay in our images ;) ... or do we need to take that action?

  • asac sees that its convenient that way ;)

  • <asac> ok lets go quickly to AOB

  • <slangasek> asac: is the linaro-overlay package in there?

  • <asac> slangasek: its in the overlay ... but meta package was not updated afaik

  • <slangasek> I hadn't heard that it was available; easy enough for me to push the seed change

  • <slangasek> ok

  • <slangasek> yes, I'll take that

[TOPIC] Spec drafting: timeline, guidelines (asac)

  • <asac> so timeline is really screwed i know with end of next week everything need to be finished

  • <asac> i am working to get us more time with all india on vacation this week and everyone else travelling ;)

  • <asac> stay tuned. anyway, please aim for spec submission for review on thursday

  • <tgall_foo> so review by next week thursday ?

  • <asac> ok i skipped actionsf from last meeting ... but no time left because of time difference

  • <alf_> asac: we need to make clear where to put specs eg under UserPlatforms/Specs, Multimedia/Specs etc

  • <asac> tgall_foo: submit for review ... not finish review and fixing comments

  • <tgall_foo> ok

  • <asac> alf_: Multimedia/Specs and Graphics/Spec for them according to where they lived in topic

  • <asac> maybe tgall_foo image specs not

  • <asac> i will check with him

  • <tgall_foo> asac, as we clean up the actions and things ... I'll get ahold of people idividually for the ACTIONs and see if we can't attach further status on those

  • asac has to stop meeting
  • <asac> tgall_foo: thanks

  • <asac> so thanks everyone ... and sorry for the overrun to foundations ... disussion of new meeting agenda consumed lots of time

  • <asac> thanks!

  • <asac> #endmeeting

  • Meeting finished at 15:06.

Post meeting individual Action updates

  • [DONE] asac to get packaging training session going during UDS

  • alf ran this session, great job!


  • [ACTION] asac to update meeting template according to new agenda/structure

  • [ACTION] asac to follow up with tgall_foo on how to draft executive summary of team

  • [ACTION] fgu to submit l-m-c support for ux500 by EOD and asac to get someone review that and land

  • [ACTION] fgu and asac to discuss proxy problems with l-m-c

  • [ACTION] asac and fgu to decide what to do for kernel this cycle

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

Benjamin Gaignard (BenjiG)

Frederick Gueydon (fgu)

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

Kan Hu (kan_hu)

Kunal Goel (kunal)

Li Jiang (Jian)

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

  • Updated UDS proceedings for JPEG Optimization and low power pulseaudio playback.
  • Started looking into libjpeg-turbo source code's design and structure.
  • Started reading about JPEG decoding blocks.

Rony Nandy (rondy_nandy)

Sachin Gupta (Sachin)

Sudip Jain (Sudip)

Tom Gall (tgall_foo)

Vishal Raj (vraj)

  • Summary : 720p mpeg4 now with zero copy drops CPU load to 10% (from 70%)
  • video playback of 720p mpeg-4 and 30 fps file is working fine for linaro netbook without frame skipping
  • this solution uses zero copy and CPU load is 10% for gst-launch and xserver
  • it uses ste h/w decoder for decoding
  • H264 1080P is also playing with some frame corruption and frame skipping
  • mm pack compilation with linaro toolchain is ongoing

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