• progress on graphics accelleration on beagle and omap4
  • progress on test and ui heads
  • meego planning and resource absorption from partners
  • alip seed/image progress
  • telephony spec rethinking
  • made geoclue with gypsy available in archive; started on "Me Location" app for me button.
  • plans and thinking and resourcing on 2x2, meego, android, board bringup

Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • work on 2x2 story and resource/risk plan
  • work on matching/interviewing assignees for graphics and user platform
  • work with TI graphics engineers to ensure proper packaging of SGX
  • ship mutter stack to TI engineers; and discuss problems and ways forward
  • review openings and think about openings process
  • help tgall fix his live-helper issues
  • discuss efl stack with lutin; start discussing/sign off with mterry
  • add gypsy backend to geoclue for gps spec.

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Received Beagleboard XM and got up to speed with image creation/installation.
  • Got 3D acceleration working on BB XM using SGX drivers from TI.
  • Updated shaders in es2gears and glmark2 benchmarks to be compatible with the SGX drivers which have a stricter GLSL compiler than Mesa.
  • Experimented with the test result parsing facilities of abrek.
  • Packaged glmark2 and uploaded to REVU (LP: #605901).
  • Started validating benchmark packages on the BB XM (x11perf, gtkperf, render_bench).
  • Packaged new upstream version (4.7.0~beta2) of Qt/QWS. Still investigating why I can't upload it to a PPA (dput hangs with both ftp/sftp).
  • Discussed with persia, njpatel, asac and TI folks the best approach to handle the clutter eglx packaging mess.
  • Started a new packaging attempt of clutter with a unified glx/eglx API.

Tom Gall (tgall)


  • looked at telephony spec work items
    • investigated new ofono package with telephony simulator
    • discussed with asac to change spec to target simulator rather than not available hardware

ALIP seed/image

  • with asac's help able to narrow down linux-image-* errors I was seeing
  • ui-alip ppa created
  • get first live-helper alip image build going
    • first image booted with a couple of kernel issues to report
    • finally starts, xfce looks to be running sanely
  • ubuntu-meta added to ppa
  • read live-helper docs
  • created with the idea of coming at things from two directions
  • investigate custom ppa problems with live-helper alip config; managed to fix it.
  • lh happily creates image bug again fails to build with full package list. (image does boot tho)
  • setup linaro alip seed; create linaro-meta package and upload to ppa
  • debug issues with local packages; final solution was to properly enable ppa
  • work through package mis-names / deps and fix them
  • alip live-helper config pushed into bzr

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