• good progress on arm-test-and-ui-heads heads spec
  • clutter for eglx prepared; some discussion with desktop team who to maintain this if debian doesnt pick it up (linaro!!)
  • alpha-3 work items behind trend due to asac travelling to summit; catchup will happen during sprint.
  • minispec for ALIP head drafting by tgall; first steps learning seeding and germinate ongoing
  • daily headless images now published on; currently fails to build; potentially fixed, but config branches dont get picked up automatically by lexbuilder (needs fix)

Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • setup sprint agenda wiki page for UserPlatforms: Events/2010-07-PlatformSprint/UserPlatforms

  • discuss new Heads for linaro and how to move forward
  • getting daily snapshots for headless up and running; fixing images (though the live-helper branches need to be synched)
  • travelling to receive beagle XM boards (got 8 now)
  • at mozilla summit and travel back from mozilla summit
  • image format and requirements pre-discussion with loic and amitk; next: post notes and decide on 10.11 image format during sprint

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • arm-test-and-ui-heads
    • Finished port of glmark to OpenGL ES 2.0 (see

    • Started packaging glmark2.
    • Trying to find sponsor for new glmemperf build so that problematic benchmarks are ignored instead of aborting (LP: #605429).
    • Written test definitions for x11perf, gtkperf, glmemperf and render_bench (lp:~afrantzis/aberk/alf-testdefs).
    • es2gears patches accepted in upstream mesa-demos (fdo #28790).
  • arm-graphics-stack-on-x
    • Updated clutter eglx 1.2.10 package in PPA with changes from new ubuntu build (0ubuntu2).
    • Patch for LP #600243 applied in mesa-7.8.1-3ubuntu3 build and debian mesa git.

Tom Gall (tgall)

  • up to speed on bzr (like it!)
  • beagle and Efika both arrived monday, unboxed and cabled up.
  • partial draft of AEL/ALIP UI Head up

  • installed alpha 2 to 8 gig SDHC and 2 gig SD cards
  • Efika booted (via on board, haven't started to experiment with alpha 2 yet)
  • beagle and hawk board drove me nuts for the majority of the day, turned out bad USB -> serial cable, adventures included, one run to the store, tear out more hair, a few choice words, then hook up really old x86_64 box with real honest to gosh serial ports and there it was output

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