Documentation of repo.l.o administration

Anyone registered with linaro SSO can log in and check what happened or adjust the repo manually. Don't try this unless you have a reasonable understanding of reprepro - ask an admin instead.

If you run any reprepro commands, ensure you do it as the user 'buildd' otherwise other people will hit permissions problems. And use -b to specify the correct repo: reprepro -b /srv/repos/ubuntu/linaro-overlay/ <command>

Setting up a new repo


  • Copy linaro-template/ to new repo
  • Update the conf/{uploaders,distribtion,etc} files to match
  • Add the new repo to /home/buildd/bin/processincoming
  • Add the new repository to in master via ansible:

Updating a new suite

Whenever we move from one distro release to another (utopic -> vivid) WiP

Adding pgp keys

  • Edit ~buildd/uploaders
  • Replicate to all repos: for file in find -type f -name uploaders; do cp ~/uploaders $file; done

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