linaro-ami Tool HowTo

This page provides a walkthru for typical usage scenario of linaro-ami tool. More detailed documentation for it is available in README.

  1. Make sure you got and set up EC2 account per Process/EC2.

  2. Set up AWS access credentials in the environment for python-boto (correspond to AWSAccessKeyId & AWSSecretKey in the wiki page above:

      export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=
  3. Get linaro-ami tool from the linaro-aws-tools project:

    • bzr branch lp:linaro-aws-tools
      cd linaro-aws-tools/linaro-ami
  4. Look at linaro-ami.conf to figure out the name of custom AMI which you want to update (name of the corersponding section).

  5. Run the following command to create new version of AMI, it will print AMI ID at the end.
    • ./linaro-ami create <AMI name>
  6. linaro-ami finishes as soon as AMI creation was scheduled, but actual creation handled by EC2 asynchronously. So, wait a bit (~10min) until AMI actually finishes creating it. You can check the current status using (wait for "available"):
    • ./linaro-ami list
  7. Update Jenkins global config with new AMI ID for the given slave config (Jenkins admin permission required).

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