On rare occassions a comment may get added to a bug that needs to be hidden. Bugzilla does not provide a direct way to do this. However, its very easy to do via its database. The database includes a table called "longdescs" which is all the comments. The table has 3 columns of interest:

  • comment_id
  • bug_id
  • isprivate

The "isprivate" field can be set to 1 to hide the comment. A quick way to hide all comments made against bug #1234 would be:

  • update longdescs set isprivate=1 where bug_id = 1234;

If you want to hide a single comment, you'll need to find its comment_id. An easy way to do this is by looking at the output of:

  • select * from longdescs where bug_id = 1234;

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