Servers and Login

Linaro RDK mirror:

For access, use your Linaro login name and register your public SSH key with

Linaro RDK Projects:

Web access:

Login: Your Linaro mail address and password

SSH access: Gerrit commands only. You need to register your SSH key one more time on

Login: Your Linaro mail address and password

Warning: If you make a mistake entering your password, you will get an Error 500 and the browser will cache the error page. You may need to open a private browsing tab and log in again.

Knowing all the commands

ssh -p 29418 gerrit

Creating a new repo:

Important: what happens in Gerrit stays in Gerrit .

Gerrit does not allow project removal. Currently all LHG developers have project create rights in Gerrit, however, you should think twice before creating a project and make sure you choose the right parent project and name.

ssh -p 29418 gerrit create-project --parent "RDK\ Projects" /lhg/<<my_my_repository_name>>

Pushing your changes to Gerrit

# git remote add linaro_review ssh://<<my_project>>
# git push linaro_review local_branch_name:refs/for/remote_branch_name

You may notice, that compared to regular git workflow there is a magic in the push command called refs/for/. This prefix needs to be used with all projects pushed for review.

When implementing a functionality in your code, create one single patch in gerrit instead of pushing multiple patches. For example, if you modify a local file death_star_ipc.c after a code review, you should generate a new patch set for the same gerrit patch:

# git add death_star_ipc.c
# git commit --amend
# git push linaro_review local_branch_name:refs/for/remote_branch_name

Code review

The depth of code review depends from project to project. In some cases, we may only rely only on Jenkins/LAVA to test your changes before merging and detailed review will be done when upstreaming your patches.

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