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Hardware Requirements

  • Needs 3 Boards in Platform Team for each Evaluation build
  • Needs 2 Boards in Validation Farm

Adoption Requirements

  • Meets Hardware Requirements
  • Boots from sd card with serial console

Open Build

  • Meets Adoption Requirements
  • using Linaro WG kernel tree

BSP Build

  • Meets Adoption Requirements
  • using a BSP kernel

Board Support Levels

Linaro will categorize board support for each evaluation build using a 5-star-approach. Platform aims to use the same scheme across all Evaluation Builds.


Does not meet requirements for adoption


Meets adoption requirements


Has framebuffer, hdmi, network and usb


Boots to a complete evaluation build experience


All on board peripherals work


Fully, bleeding edge enablement with everything available for download in public

Information on what status each individual board has can be taken from the Releases/1105/BoardSupportStatus page

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