Adding a new test to Android or Ubuntu platform tests

Manual tests for Linaro platforms are currently tracked in a wiki at:

Since they are in wiki form, anyone could easily modify the test plan and add new tests, remove old ones, or modify existing ones. The problem is that this won't be well communicated to the affected platform teams and QA team members who may, or may not be subscribed to changes on those pages or notice the notification of the change.

To request a change to the test plans executed for platform testing by the QA team, a bug should be opened at

In the bug, you should include:

  • The purpose of the test
  • The target platform (currently Android or Ubuntu)
  • The proposed steps for performaing the test
  • Any hardware requirements
  • Setup steps, if anything above a normal install is needed
  • Approximate time it takes to run the test
  • Whether or not the test should be considered for release critical testing

Once the bug is submitted, someone from the QA Services team will make sure that the test can be executed, and make a determination of whether it can be contained with the other testing requirements. If accepted, it will be added by the QA team to the necessary test plans and communicated to platform, release team, and QA team members about the change.

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