NOTE: This page isn't really needed. New servers can be managed via Salt

This page outlines the steps used in the validation lab to get a new server up and running.

Configuring Users

I've hacked on a tool created by Loic that allows you to sync users belonging to a certain local group with users defined in a Launchpad group. The syncing logic works like this:

  • if LP users doesn't exist locally, create with a random password stored as .password
  • always copy user's SSH keys from LP to their .ssh/authorized_keys file
  • if user exists locally and is in lp-users group but doesn't exist in LP group, backup the user's home directory to /root/disabled-users and then delete the user's account

To make this really easy, I've created a shell script that will grab this code and run the commands. So, to provision users on a new system simply run:

 sudo -i
 chmod +x

Configuring DNS

We are using "dnsmasq" on the SSH gateway( It runs a simple DNS server that will resolve hosts defined in /etc/hosts or forward the request on to an upstream DNS server. When a new system is added to the lab simply make an entry in /etc/hosts. The reload the settings with:

 sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq force-reload

You'll also want to make sure the new system is using this DNS server. If it has a static IP, you'll probably need to edit /etc/network/interfaces.


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